Five years since I’ve first joined Crossfit Durham as a 250# 4o year old who couldn’t do unbroken burpees without stopping for a water break. Like most folks I came in with some hopes.

I’ve documented all of that before. If you’re curious to revisit that, check those out here:

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Back then, those goals fell under the umbrella of: lose weight and get healthier for my family. The thing that strikes me now is the impact that Crossfit has had on our entire family. In trying to get healthier for my family, something kind of special happened. My family started getting healthier with me.

I could tell you we’re a Crossfit family. It’s easier to show you.


See the arm in the green sleeve on the team on the right? That’s the Whirlwind taking part on the CFD Intramural Open WOD 16.6 (Round Robin Team Dodgeball). He took part in a number of games filling in for me with my squad the Flex Capacitors, as well as jumping in for any short-handed team that would have him. Competing with the grown ups was probably the highlight of his Spring.



Lil Bit LOVES CF Kids with Coach Josh. Burpees are cool….


But the rings are her favorite…anything gymnasty, really.

Erin has had a hell of a year too. She went from having no interest in the Crossfit Open to this:


That’s Erin reppin’ her Intramural squad Team Ranger Panty in a Thursday night face off for Open WOD 16.5. Pretty big turn around for some one who said, “I’m not dropping $20 to CF HQ so I can read online that I’m 2756th out of 2760 women in my division.”

Me? I’ve had my moments too:


Calling my shot! Making my prediction for my goals in Open WOD 16.4


And then there’s this…halloween_snatch


But these are the photos that say it all. In our house, we take our Crossfit pretty seriously….


But not too seriously.