Past couple of workouts Coach Doug and I have been escalating what I attempt during METCONs. It’s been a cool learning curve and the results have been very encouraging. We’re not getting carried away with anything. I’m staying well within the parameters of what the PT said is acceptable. At the same time, I’m definitely trying to dial up the intensity a bit.

So here is the WOD prescribed that day:

The strength segment was cleans and clean pulls. I simply did extra mobility, wall sits and an 8 minute bike ride.

The METCON was:
AMRAP in 20 minutes
20 box jumps 24/20
20 push press 115/75
20 pullups

I learned this weekend at the Durham Bulls park that five weeks out from surgery my knee is not comfortable with some stairs. Not all stairs present a problem, just particularly tall ones. This was a new information to me as we live in a ranch. It wasn’t anything serious. It was simply after a couple of trips to the concession stands, rest rooms, etc by the seventh inning or so my knee was just TIRED. I kept that in mind as we set up for Monday’s METCON.

I started experimenting with stacked plates. I stacked two 45# plates, roughly 8 inches, and tried that. No issue. I could step up leading naturally with either foot at that height. So I added a third plate, roughly 12 inches. That was too high to lead with my left foot and step up. It made the inside of the knee uncomfortable and seemed to tense up all the small muscles outside around the knee. Weird, but I backed off. I kept tinkering with plate combinations and found that two 45’s and one 15 provided the ideal height. Given the height, Doug instructed me to up the reps to 30.

I did strict presses with 22.5# dumb bells and pull ups as prescribed.

Things were going just fine until the second round of pull ups. I unknowingly picked a bar on the rig that when I truly extended fully with pointed toes at the bottom of a kip allowed my toes to drag. The tension on my knee made me bail out quickly. I didn’t damage anything, but it pulled a bit. After that I was a bit frazzled. I didn’t want to use that bar again and most of the higher bars were already in use by other athletes. Took me a while to relocate myself on the rig and get going again. Even then, I was tentative.

When time expired I had complete a full three rounds. Not too shabby. Most folks with their own individual scales weSore in the same general neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 10
The strength today was deadlifts, but not for me.

I did 3 sets of 5 reps of right leg step downs off a 20″ box in an effort to develop my pistols. It was surprisingly challenging. When I’m clear for squats and all, I think it will be a good exercise to strengthen my left knee.

I did one set of 5 reps of Olympic Push Ups, at least that’s how they’re labeled in Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connection. Basically, it’s a push up in a Y position. It requires you to initiate the upward movement in the hips. Pretty cool. I need lots of practice.

I also did two rounds of thirty second deadhang holds from the yolk. This was cool! I’m doing this to try and get familiar with hanging from bars, branches, etc that aren’t all the same diameter. Someday, my goal is to get that MovNat pop up on the yolk rack!

So today’s prescribed METCON was:
10 Ring Dips
15 floor presses 95#
20 Goblet Squats 52#
Run 400M

Doug and I discussed this one as well.

I banded the ring dips with a thin red band.
Floor Presses were done as prescribed

Neither Doug nor I came up with a sub for the squats other than more KB Swings. I’ve been doing a lot of swings lately and wasn’t excited about them. I chose to up the weight a bit to 40#

We discussed rowing, but Doug pointed out that he wanted me to ‘go fast.’ So he suggested the assault bike. The challenge here was neither of us had any idea of what the appropriate equivalent distance should be. It’s pretty common knowledge, or at least commonly accepted around CFD that 400M run is roughly equivalent to a 500M row. But how far should I go on the bike.

We agreed that I would pedal aggressive for 1:45 and see what kind of distance I covered. We arrived at that number based on the notion that it’s roughly how long a 400M run or 500M row would take assuming I had healthy legs. Turns out it’s a half mile. Good information to have going forward.

In the first round I did the agreed upon 20 swings and saw that most of the other athletes were just about half way through their squats. So I upped the reps on my own to 30 swings. That worked out to be a comparable effort.

In the end, all three rounds were done in 16:18. Comfortably under the 18 minute cap.

It’s been kind of cool this week to try and dial up the intensity on the workouts a bit. The results so far have been very gratifying.