Figuring out what is and isn’t comfortable for my knee continues to be a process of trial and error and exploration. In most things, I’m very pleased. In a few, there’s still work to be done.

Friday, 5/13

The prescribed strength segment was Hang Cleans working up to three singles at 85%. I abandonded that for mobility work.

The prescribed METCON was
EMOM 14 minutes
Odd minute – 20 Double Unders
Even minute – Cleans increasing by 2 starting with 2 reps (135/95)

At Doug’s direction I did 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest each minute. Odd minutes were right leg only single unders. Even minutes were right side single leg kettlebell deadlifts (52#).

Initially, I was counting reps, but not recording. So I lost count.

All I know is that after about 6 of the 14 rounds, I ran to get a lacrosse ball because I needed to use the 30 seconds of rest each round to roll out the cramps in my foot! It was kind of amusing. By Saturday, I was reeling to one side when I walked because my right side felt so tight compared to my left! it was rather amusing.

Sunday, 5/15

Paid a visit to my friend John over at Bull City Crossfit to take part in their fund-raiser partner WOD.

AMRAP in 6 Minutes
Ground to Overhead (alternate rounds with your partner)

Rest 2 Minutes

AMRAP in 9 Minutes:
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
12 Goblet Squats
14 Swings (7 each arm)

What that doesn’t tell is that we were using 40# “Jerry Can” as our weight. A jerry can is an old-style fuel can. The fund-raiser was for a charity in Africa where children use cans like this to transport water for their families.

This was an interesting workout to modify. The Grounds to overhead were weird. I basically got all my weight loaded on my right leg, then did a one arm pull up to my chest. It was the same pulling motion I would use for a KB or DB snatch, but loaded to one side. Once the can reached my chest, I caught it underneath with my free hand, then squared up my weight evenly and pressed it overhead. Call it effective, if not efficient.

The second AMRAP was better. SDHP were easy as the can is taller than a KB or barbell, so there was no deep squat. So no issue there.

I did more one leg deadlifts in place of the Goblet Squats. Swings were no issue.

It was a treat to see and work out with my friend. It was nice to support the cause. All of the one-sided work over those two days has left my right shoulder and hip kind of kinked up.

Tuesday, May 17

Strength: Tabata Rings/Toes 2 Bar

Used the thinnest purple band for ring dips and did Toes 2 Bar kipping. I stuck to my game plan of 4 reps per round and was able to maintain that all the way through. That’s progress, because we did tabata T2B about two weeks ago and I was unable to complete them because it was painful to bend my knees so much. Pretty cool to see that progress.

The prescribed METCON for the day was:

For time:
55 Bar Facing Burpees
34 Overhead Squats, 135/95
21 Muscle Ups (or 55 CTB pullups)

Burpees are out. I volunteered to do more over/under drills with a PVC pipe in the rig. Doug nixed that. He said, “just do 55 push ups. That will suck enough.” Gawd was he right!

We talked it over and decided I could do overhead squats with a PVC pipe. I experimented with a 24″ box. Doug watched a few reps and suggested going just a bit deeper. I was willing to use a 20″ box, but he felt that was too close to parallel and too risky. So he put a 25″ plate on the 20″ box. I didn’t put a tape measure to it, but I’m calling it 22″. Scaled as it was, it was really satisfying, if somewhat frustrating to be doing this motion. I took these kind of slow, really feeling out the motion, being aware of the impact on my knee. The good news is there was no discomfort inside the knee where the repair was done. The odd part was all of the muscles around the outside of the knee: front, back and side, were all crying out, “What the hell is this?! Didn’t you get the memo? We don’t do this anymore!” You do now, boys! You do now.

I subbed chin over bar pull ups in place of the muscle ups. That was an adventure.

By the time I was past 25 pull ups, I was doing a single rep, walking four steps out, four steps back and then doing another rep. I worked this way until around 38 reps. I missed rep 39. Doug looked at me and said, ‘come over here. Use this bar.’

“Why, I’m good here.”

“No, this one is better. It’s new. It’s sticky. It’s just so much better.”

I didn’t really see the point, but hey, any excuse to rest a bit longer at that point. So I moved down the rig, jumped up and bang! 3 quick reps.

I looked over at Brad who was doing mobility near by with an expression of, “What the hell just happened?”

He smiled and said, “I know. It’s weird. He’s right. That bar’s just better. Gravity’s lighter under that bar.”

It still took several sets of singles and doubles to finish the required 55 reps. I got the entire METCON done in 18:51. I’m satisfied. I got under the 20 minute cap.

For what it’s worth, not everything was smooth sailing in the rehab/testing department. It looks like running is still not part of the training arsenal. I took a very awkward 200M warm up ‘plod.’ The whole thing was just disjointed, jangly, clunky and uncomfortable. I didn’t do any damage, but I won’t be attempting running again any time soon.

Part of it was there was definitely a just a bit of discomfort inside the knee. Most of it was the fact that I haven’t run since I first injured the knee in November. It was like I’d forgotten how. I had no sense of stride, cadence, breathing. The whole endeavor was just awkward. I was tentative and favoring that leg, so I know my stride was wonky. Just not ready for that yet. It looks like rowing and bike will continue to be my go-to cardio resources for a while longer.

To end with a positive: I’ve done two days of 20 minute ROMWOD videos in an effort to improve my mobility and balance things back out. That’s going very well. I have to make some accommodations, but that’s ok. Mostly, it feels really good to focus on the whole body again.

Tomorrow SHOULD be my final visit to the surgeon…fingers crossed for an all-clear and a ‘have a nice life, Mr. Krellwitz.”