Now that I’m testing the knee in the workouts, there’s this running dialog in my head where I’m constantly reviewing this decision-making flow chart.
“Did that rep hurt?”

No – Keep going.

Yes –

“Was the pain in the knee?”

No – keep going

Yes – Stop – lighten the load, find a substitution, or quit.

“Did I do the move correctly?”

Yes – Stop – lighten the load, find a substitution, or quit.

No – “If I do the move correctly, will the pain go away? Keep going and see.”

When necessary – Do the next rep

“Did I do the move correctly that time?”

Yes. Did it still hurt?

No – Keep going

Yes – Stop – lighten the load, find a substitution, or quit.

No – Stop.

“CAN you do the move correctly?”

Yes – “Then do it RIGHT!”

No – Stop – lighten the load, find a substitution, or quit.

With today’s workout there was a lot of ongoing analysis and adjusting.

Doug asked if I was up for 400M warm up run.

Told him, “I’m not sure. Let’s find out. I’ll see how I feel that the 100M turn around. If I don’t like it, I’ll stop and walk back. If it feels ok, I’ll keep going.”

It wasn’t a fast run and there’s definitely a hitch in my giddyup. I need to rediscover a healthy stride, but for a guy who hasn’t run 400M since November taking this simple warm up run was akin to setting a new personal record on any lift. It felt really great.

As we reached the 200M turn around and headed back to the gym, we saw Doug headed back inside. Clearly, he’d been out observing our run, and I presume me specifically; which I definitely appreciate.

But I joked with Mike and Allison, “Aw crap. He saw me run the 200 and now he knows I can do this. No more ducking this in future WODs.”

Up to 1RM

This was fun to do. I successfully pressed 145, but missed 150. I’m totally good with that. Best I’ve ever put up healthy is 165#. So a 145 is 87% of 1RM. Totally respectable.

55 Double Unders
15 C2B Pullups
5 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)

Back to my flow chart above. I tested out double unders in between coaching the 6am bootcamp and the 7:15 WOD. Two-footed single unders felt fine. Double unders hurt inside the knee, so they’re still off the menu for a while. I explained this to Doug and he suggested I double the reps to do singles and we’d evaluate after the first round.

110 single unders strained and taxed the muscles all around my left knee, but were fine for the meniscus. We talked that over mid-workout and agreed that I should keep that standard for the rest of the METCON.

Pull Ups – All I had were chin over bar pull ups today.

I warmed up power cleans before the METCON and settled on 115#. When I got to the bar I did two reps and scaled back to 95#. At 115# it was heavy enough that I was self-conscious, nervous, afraid…whatever. But I was heavily favoring the right side heavily all through the lift. Both reps I landed very heavily on the right foot and my left foot was up on the toes. I thought, “Nope. This is just breeding bad habits and gonna screw something else up. Scale it back.”

I went to 95# and worked that for the remainder of the METCON. I was very methodical with these to ensure proper form to protect my knee. That and the fact that I didn’t really want to rush back around for more pull ups.

I completed 3 full rounds and 10 single unders. Again, a very satisfying workout. There’s definitely something of a reboot happening with many of my lifts, movements, etc; but that’s ok. It’s to be expected. The evaluation/analysis and learning is proving to be fun.