Today was very much a “let’s see what we can do” sort of day.

Front Squat
Up to 85% 1RM

I was working front squats through my injury, right up until the surgery. So I felt pretty confident with these.

Still, I wanted to be cautious and take it slow and light. I worked up to 2 sets of 3 reps at 125#, which is a hair more than 50% of 1RM. The key here was that I could go to full depth without any pain! Very encouraging.

I only did two sets of three because I noticed a few glitches in the last set. It wasn’t pain and it wasn’t serious issues with the technique. It was just that I was getting a bit tired and as a result, my brain was protecting my left leg.

For example, when I got the bar in the front rack position and stood it up out of the j-hooks, I stood up entirely with my right leg. In fact, my left knee was flexed and I was up on the ball of that foot putting the majority of my weight on the right side.

On all three reps, even though the weight really wasn’t that heavy I caught myself sliding the bulk of my weight to my right side before attempting to stand up out of the squat. So I had to shift back to center.

Decided, “ok, that was heavy enough. Make that the last set.”

Prescribed Metcon:
3 Rounds:
30 Burpees
30 Pullups
30 Thrusters (75/55)
20 Min Cap

Frequent readers will recall that I walked out of Open WOD 16.5 back at the end of March, which was all thrusters and burpees because of the pain in my knee. I have avoided burpees ever since. I was curious to give this METCON a run today, to see how it would go.

90 Pull Ups – at this rep scheme is out of my league, and my shoulder is feeling tender from all of last week’s pull ups and push ups. So I chose to sub in ring rows here, with feet on the floor directly under the rings.

I used Friday’s scale of 65# Thrusters to a twenty inch box.

I completed 2 rounds + 19 reps in the time allotted. I’m completely satisfied with that.

Burpees were the most interesting element. I stepped through every burpee up and down. In the first set I lead with the right leg all the way through. Most importanly, when coming up, I would come to table top, then a tall kneel, place the right foot out forward and stand; driving up on the right leg.

The second time through I thought, “that left leg needs work. All the muscles around the knee are weak. They need to stabilize. Put them to work.” So for all thirty burpees in the second round when rising from the burpee, I placed the left knee out first and stood up on that leg. It was slow. It was methodical and a strain but there was no pain! Definitely a confidence booster.

A very satisfying, if grueling METCON for sure.
Separate: Proud Dad/Kids Coach Moment

Saturday I was teaching the kids front squats. The Boy put up a very nice 75# squat and he has more in the tank as he refines his technique, but for having only done it a couple times he looks great.

Lil Bit blew me away. I gave her a bar. She put it in the rack position, set her stance (and here’s where she amazed me), she locked up her core and caught her breath before executing a gorgeous ATG squat!

I hadn’t taught her to set her breath! She says that it’s not something Coach Josh taught them in the couple of sessions where he’s worked this lift.

In my mind, it answers a long standing question, “how close are the kids watching?” After seeing that Saturday there’s no doubt in my mind she picked that up watching all the strong ladies around our gym while hanging out with her Mama in the weekend Olympic Lifting classes! Lil Bit is watching her Mama, Coach Katy G, Miss Stephanie, Miss Faith and everyone in that crew and she’s trying to emulate those amazing women; and I am so grateful for that. I am also grateful to them for how they all embrace Lil Bit and take time to include her where they can and engage her when she’s doing her own gymnastics thing. Lil Bit really needs those strong female role models in her world.

I am so very grateful for the entire Crossfit Durham community and how they embrace both of our children, but for Lil Bit it’s just a touch more significant. She needs to be built up to empower her against a world that is almost certainly, intentionally or not, going to try and hold her down one day. Thank you everyone for showing her how to be strong, confident and true to herself.