I’ve missed a bunch of workout posts. Life has just been too busy to write lately. End of school for the kids, holidays, yada, yada, yada. Nothing wrong. In fact all quite good, just busy. The good news is the workouts have not suffered. I’ve been maintaining a steady schedule and having a real good time at it.

Here are just some general thoughts on life at the gym lately:

1) New Programming: the box has shifted to a new programming paradigm. Two weeks in, I can say that so far I’m a fan. I feel challenged and pushed each day, but don’t feel pummeled as I frequently did under the old system.

Not entirely certain why that is. I suspect it’s a combination of elements. The programming format shift definitely is part of that. Part of it is my own mindset. Because I just don’t feel my knee is ready, I’m not chasing Rx as much as I used to and I think that’s smart.

2) I’m running out of excuses! I continue to strengthen and rehabilitate my knee and things are going well. In the past two weeks I have done snatches, cleans and double unders pain free. That’s a big boost because those were three of the four activities that most frequently aggravated my knee. I tested box jumps today. The METCON included 21 box jumps each round for 3 rounds at 24″ for men. I tested 3 or 4 jumps at 20″ before we got started. I can do them and there’s no pain, but the legs feel week and just 4 reps was exhausting. I did step ups for the METCON leading with the weaker left leg all the way through. Things weren’t particularly fast, but I got through it with no issues. So that was cool.

3) The only question mark still out there is running and I may give that another go next week. I’ve been saying for some time that running just felt out of whack. My stride is just ‘off.’ I mentioned that today to my chiropractor who is also a coach at the box. I told her, “when I run, my stride is all jacked up. It feels like one leg is two inches shorter than the other and I’m concerned that I’m going to do more damage.” She took a look at me and said, “mind if we do a pelvic adjustment?” I agreed to it. So she made the adjustment and then said, “well, you weren’t imagining things. Your one leg was definitely off.” Nice to know I have at least that much awareness of my body, I guess.

4) Need to Trust. Got to get it in my head that this knee is healthy. I’m still searching for ‘natural’ where I don’t baby the knee or overcompensate and rely upon it too heavily. It’s still difficult right now to just step up to the bar and do something. There’s a lot of questions, self-doubt and noise going on in my head. I’m having a very difficult time in all my movements just finding and maintaining center. It will come in time, I expect. Right now though I’m still pretty lopsided in stuff. Sometimes I’m aware of it and can adjust. Frequently, I don’t feel it as it’s happening and then two hours later I can feel one side of my body is significantly tighter than the other.

5) Need longer days – or better time management – between getting a regular workout in, doing assigned rehab and making time for ROMWOD to improve my overall flexibility, I’m finding I’m running out of daylight to do adulting things like laundry or yard work or dishes. Need to look at how I’m navigating my days so that I can do all of the physical things that I want to do and balance them against the adult/parenting things that I need to do. Feeling just a bit out of balance here too lately.

So that seems to be the theme on the day: finding the centerline and maintaining good balance. I’m getting there and it’s an always moving target. Lately, it just seems like I need to focus a bit harder.