It’s been three weeks since my last workout related post. I’m not certain this one counts.

Still struggling to stay consistent with things. Summer means everything is in flux and that means everything feels very catch as catch can. The irony of the situation is I now have more goals and self-prescribed requirements than ever.

  1. I HAVE to do my knee rehab work. There’s no compromising on that. The left knee is getting stronger in many respects. In some, progress is frustratingly slow.
  2. I had the opportunity to do some 1:1 training with one of my fellow coaches on my Olympic Lifts and she gave me a workout to do periodically to work on my form and correct all the faults and idiosyncracies that I developed while lifting injured. That’s got to be a priority.
  3. I want to work out with my friends in my regular 7:15 crew, but that’s been blown all to hell for close to three weeks now.
  4. I would like to do ROMWOD once a day, because I know how important flexibility is and I can definitely feel the difference in my joints and muscles when I skip it.
  5. Plus there’s MovNat. I’m confident that the ground movement flows and the balance beam work that I do there are good for my mobility, balance as well as strengthening my legs. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

So there’s five different sets of “programming” that are all intertwined and each has its benefits and merits; but there isn’t time enough in a week to do them all justice, let alone a day.

Add to all of that the fact that as I sit here typing this, I’m alternating between sweats and chills because of a Summer bug.

Why, yes. I do think I’ll have some cheese with all of that WHINE. Thanks for offering.

Part of the solution may be to map it out across the course of a week. The harder part of the equation will be plugging those work outs into the day each week in a meaningful way. This recent cycle of “well, I’ll get the work out in at some point today,” and failing to do so is reminding me that I am definitely a creature of habit. I still need my workout times plugged into my day, written down on paper, or they don’t happen.

Ah well, thanks for letting me vent. It’ll level out soon. It’s got to! I’m registered for a team competion in October, about which I am very excited! Need to get right for the rest of my team mates.