Learned a few things today about this training schedule/plan of mine which may inform some scheduling shifts. That’s yet to be determined.

Since today was designated Oly Training/Rehab/ROMWOD, I hit the gym around 6:30 knowing I had an appointment scheduled with the onsite chiropractor at 8:15, and had to go to work after that. So I had an 8:15 hard stop.

Did my knee rehab work first, using that as a constructive warm up for the snatch and clean work that was to follow. Things went very smoothly there. No real story to tell.

I moved on to my Olympic lifting work beginning with the snatch. I believe I worked up to 65# by the end of that work. That’s not much at all, less than 55% of my 1RM when healthy. Yet I was a sloppy sweaty mess by the end of that work. I haven’t done that work for close to two weeks, so I spent longer than usual just looking at the notes asking myself, “what the hell is that? How is that supposed to go?” In the end it all came back to me and I got the prescribed work done.

I had made up my mind that today I would do the ROMWOD along with the 7:15 CF class. This meant that I only got about half the assigned clean work done. Not ideal, but I stand by the decision. Felt good to do the ROMWOD early and check the block. Also enjoyed hanging out with the group for 15 minutes, instead of being off in the corner by myself.

What I learned this morning is that if I truly want to do all the Oly work, knee rehab AND ROMWOD, in the gym in a single session, then I need more than 2 hours in the box. That’s useful information to have.

During the summer while the kids are out of school, if I want to keep all of this work on Tuesday, then I can adjust my day. I can get up that extra 30 or 40 minutes earlier and start at 6am. Alternatively, I can do the ROMWOD work at home.

Once school is underway again, I won’t have the same flexibility in my schedule. I expect to be responsible for getting at least one kid to school every week day. So I may need to adjust what I tackle by day. Oly lifting may need to move to Saturday morning. We’ll see.

One physical aspect that’s been very slow to recover and is beginning to frustrate me is the lack of speed in my motions. No matter how I move, whether getting up of the floor while playing with the kids, climbing out of my car, or anything we do at the box. Every move feels so sluggish and deliberate and creaky. I believe I’m just hyper-tuned in and hypersensitive at the moment. I’m overthinking every motion and as a result I find it hard to just fire and go.

As an example, my son and I were punting a play ground ball back and forth to each other in my in-laws yard last week and there were a number of times where he would punt one a bit short. I would look at it and my mind would say, “GO! Sprint!” Followed immediately, by “NO, Don’t! You CAN’T!” It just doesn’t feel like the muscles are prepare to fire fast. I can’t tell if that’s in my head or my muscles or both.

Either way, I want to figure out a way to work through it. I feel like I would benefit from someone putting me through some form of reaction drills. To have to run in place and hit a burpee when some one says, “go” at random; to literally have some one say ‘jump’ and just react to it and see how it goes. I don’t know how else to recover that response/reaction instinct on my own. When I’m left to my own devices and I’m doing all the decision making, I slow everything way down. Don’t know. Just one more thing to work up to and refine, I guess.