So I said here that I’m a creature of habit, needed a routine and had developed a plan for a weekly training schedule. It looks like this:

Mon – MovNat/Knee Rehab/RomWOD
Tues – Oly/Knee Rehab/RomWOD
Thu – Oly/REHAB
Sat – ROMWOD (Warrior)/Rehab
Sun – REST

As with just about anything I do, I live by the slogan, ‘be flexible, expect change.’

As I’m a whole three days into this ‘plan’ I’m coming to realize that 5 straight earnest workout days per week is probably not going to be sustainable. My body just won’t take it. We’re three days into this week, where we’re only doing one METCON per WOD and then 20 minutes of ROMWOD and I can still tell it’s not enough rest. Next week, there won’t be any ROMWOD baked into the WODs. It’s going to be an hour of work, work, work.

Understanding that, I think next week the schedule going forward will have to look something like this:

Mon – Oly/Knee Rehab/RomWOD
Wed – ROMWOD (Warrior)/Rehab (we’ll qualify this as active recovery)
Thu – Oly/REHAB
Sat – MovNat/Knee Rehab/RomWOD
Sun – REST

I think that will give me what I need in terms of a work to rest ratio.

Other things I’ve learned this week. While I appreciate ROMWOD being integrated into the programming, I’m finding that it’s not enough to overcome a full work day at a desk. For me, ROMWOD is most productive if I do it at day’s end to work out the day’s accumulated kinks. Working out in the morning and following it up immediately with ROMWOD means I spend all day in an office chair tightening up again. Again, more useful intel as I iron out this regimen that I want to which I want to adhere. Just need to continue to work out and refine what works best for me.

Yesterday I griped about not being able to move instinctively or quickly. Today, during the METCON of Snatches and Cleans that was much less of an issue.

Today’s workout was:

1 Full Squat Snatch – target 85% of 1RM

My heaviest weight on the day was 115# and I hit it successfully for at least two rounds. That’s around 75% of my 1RM. So not quite the target weight on the day. However, form felt good and while I may not have been dropping to full depth every rep, my drop and catch were far deeper today than they have been since prior to my injury in November. It felt so good to have that lift feel smooth. Not perfect by any means, but at least it didn’t feel foreign. It felt familiar again.

After 4 minutes of rest we did:

1 Full Squat Clean and Jerk – target 85% of 1RM

I worked up to successful cleans and jerks at 155#. The most I’ve ever done as a combined lift is 195#. So this was 80%. That’s a real confidence booster.

After another 4 minute rest we did a one minute max calorie row. Doug asked me what I was targeting. I really had no clue. He volunteered a target of 25-26. Then we chattted a bit and refined it to 20. Turns out his initial guess was spot on. I was able to pull 25 calories in the assigned minute.

From start to finish today was a very satisfying day.