So last week snatches and clean and jerks felt awesome. Today? Much less than awesome. Not bad, just not grand. After two days of travel, eating less than ideally and just road funk malaise, I can accept the results today.

Segment 1:
Running Clock
EMOM 8 minutes:
1 Squat Snatches (85%)
Rest 4 minutes
EMOM 8 minutes:
1 Squat Clean and Jerk (85%)
Rest 4 minutes
Max Effort 200m Sprint

As far as the bar work goes, snatches were the highlight. Worked up to at least two rounds of 120#. That’s creeping into that 85% target range. Wasn’t particularly mobile today, so dropping deep was tricky. Most snatches were caught 3/4 of the way down.

Clean and Jerks were less impressive. Was on my toes the entire segment and after the fifth round my knee started barking about split jerks. So I went to power jerks for the last three rounds.

The max effort 200M sprint was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t fast, by any definition, but it was by far the fastest 200M run I’ve completed in months. Let’s call it the most ‘aggressive’ run I’ve attempted since all the hoopla around my knee and it was pain free so that was cool. My stride felt less wonky than it has, so that’s reassuring.

Segment 2:
150 Double Unders
50 Wall Balls (20/14)
100 Double unders
35 Wall Balls
50 Double unders
20 Wall Balls
Scale to finish in 15 minutes or less

Had to scale this one significantly and mostly on the fly.

Double unders were very spotty today. I was at 75 reps, roughly 4 minutes into the METCON, and the last person jumping when Coach Doug came around and asked where I was. I told him the number and told him I was stopping at 100 reps. Otherwise, it just would have been 8 or 9 minutes of double under practice and that wasn’t the intent of the WOD. He agreed that this was an acceptable scale.

Wall balls were rougher than expected. Somewhere early on (I mean during the DU’s) I lost control of my breathing and I never was able to calm myself and recover. Not certain if I was aggravated about the DU’s or what. But I wasn’t able to settle myself down. That made for a very messy METCON.

The second set of DU’s I did 50 reps and returned to the rig for more Wall Balls. I didn’t consciously intend to cut the round by half. I though 50 reps was the prescribed work. I stumbled my way through them. Went over to the rig and when I checked the white board to confirm the number of wall ball reps, I then realized my mistake. I was still well behind all the other athletes, so I chalked up to simply scaling as needed to try and finish within the time cap.

In the end, it still wasn’t enough. I completed the 35 wall balls, plus an additional 25 Double Unders for the last round when time expired.

So: 100 DU’s + 50 Wall Ball + 50 DU + 35 Wall Ball + 25 DU = 260 reps, yes?

Just not my day today. No big deal. Come back tomorrow and try it again.