Got to take a shot at a Crossfit Benchmark WOD which I have never before attempted, the Chief. I think this may become one of my new favorites. Had to do a bit of other work along the way before that though.


1 power snatch + 1 Squat Snatch

I’ll say it. The redundancy of the EMOM snatches and cleans every week is not my favorite stuff. It doesn’t fit the spirit of ‘constantly varied’ which Crossfit touts. Mostly, even in exercise, I’m kind of ADD. I get bored quickly. However, there’s no arguing with the results. The repetition is definitely helping improve my performance. Drilling these lifts this way week in and week out is proving to be productive. So while it’s not my favorite practice. I see the value. I appreciate the impact.

All that to say that today I worked up to 105# for the last two rounds and things felt quite good today. That’s not necessarily a great weight, but form felt good. Where things did get out of sequence, I could feel the errors and correct on the next lift. The most common challenge was I repeatedly allowed the bar to loop out in front of me on the power snatch, but was able to feel that, diagnose and correct it on the following squat snatch. Being able to recognize and correct the issue on my own was a good feeling.

3 sets x 6 reps Back Squat
Seems I need to refresh my memory on my 1RM’s. I did a warm up set at 135#, then moved up and did my first working set at 155#. From there I jumped to 185# and things started to get a bit sticky. The target today was to get to the 70-75% range without having to grind out reps. I was a bit frustrated to think that things were getting difficult at only 54% of my 1RM of 340#. Then I checked my book. My best EVER back squat is 325.

While that doesn’t shift the percentages that much, somehow laughing at myself about my inflated perception of my 1RM made things less dramatic. It took some of the internal pressure off and made the work less stressful. I finished with a set of 6 at 205#, which is still only 63%; but I was ok with that. It will come back in time.

The Chief

5 Rounds of 3 Min AMRAP – 1 min rest between rounds

3 Power Cleans (135#)
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats

I’ve never done this workout before. Those are three exercises with which I’m comfortable and confident. So I was optimistic going into this work out. In reviewing the white board of the previous class, I set a target of 15 complete rounds.

My rounds were as follows

Rd 1 – 3 round + 9 rep
Rd 2 – 3 round + 9 rep
Rd 3 – 3 round + 3 Rep
Rd 4 – 3 round + 4 Rep
Rd 5 – 3 round + 11 rep

Total score 17 complete rounds, Rx.

I’m very pleased with this score. First, because I exceeded my goal. Second, because I stayed in control and stayed reasonably consistent. Friday when we did Fight Gone Bad I fell apart in the third round and that was disappointing. I’m glad that today I was able to stay calm, keep moving and not come unglued at any point.

Looking ahead to the team competition in October, I’m really looking forward to bearing down in my training for the next few weeks to prepare. It feels like things are coming together. Hopefully, things continue to roll forward.