Pleased not only with today’s results, but today’s mindset and decision making.

Segment 1:
Work up to a heavy double rep Deadlift with bands attached
Take 12 minutes

Haven’t seen deadlifts in a while. Haven’t seen banded deadlifts since I don’t know when. It was fun to get back to these today.

Ultimately, I worked up to a set of of 2 at 235#. That was a respectable effort. Form must have been reasonably good. Coach Doug was watching my last two sets carefully and he didn’t offer any critique. In fact, he complimented both lifts on the last set.

Segment 2:
4 Rounds:
500 Meter Row
400 Meter Run
30 Situps
Scale to finish in less than 25 minutes

Doug was very clear as we started that he’d be looking hard at the clock when everyone finished the first rounds. Anyone who finished slower than 5:30 could expect to be required to scale the subsequent rounds to ensure that all work got done within the 25 minute cap.

My first round ended somewhere around 5:40 or 45. As I strapped into the rower, Doug asked if I wanted to scale back the runs. I told him “I’d rather scale back the row and do the full runs. I need the running right now.”

He said, “Makes sense. Row 350M.” I confess. That was more than I bargained for. I assumed we’d cut the row in half. But not today kids. That’s ok.

Why run? With everything that’s gone on with my legs since November the runs are the bigger challenge. I’ve been rowing all through my injuries and rehab. Running was probably the first activity I cut off as soon as I was injured.

My rowing is not spectacular, but it’s competent. It’s familiar and it’s functional. I felt I needed to face the challenge of working through all 4 full 400’s to get a feel for what impact it might have on my legs, lungs, etc. Even if that meant the workout was going to be tougher.

My goal was to bring each run in under 2 minutes. I wasn’t quite able to do that. They ranged from 2:05 to about 2:10 today. Reasonably consistent, but not quite what I was shooting for. 7 hours removed from the workout my knee feels great. So that’s a plus. Just need to continue to run to rework my conditioning, stride etc.

I finished the workout as scaled in 22:51. I was the last athlete done in the 7:15 session and I have no qualms with that. I took responsibility for my training and worked a goat avoiding the easier path when it was offered. I take some pride in that.

4 Rounds:
50 Double Unders 1 minute rest between rounds

I picked the wrong shorts today! I didn’t know there were double unders on the schedule and the shorts I was wearing did not have drawstrings! I had a couple of decent runs of double unders going (closing in on 20 reps) and faltered because my shorts were dropping to my knees! What a goof! It’s not the first time that’s happened. I think I need to get rid of this particular pair of shorts.

I was wearing compression shorts and seriously entertained the notion of simply dropping my outer shorts off and completing the work in compression shorts. What the heck? If it’s cool for women to wear the ultra slim shorts, why not guys, right? Guys wear singlets around the gym all the time. Likely, no one would have fussed. Ultimately, I decided that I’m just not there yet personally. Ah, well. All in fun.

On a more technical note: Doug noticed in an early set that I’m donkey kicking my feet slightly behind me when I double under. He challenged me to stop doing that. So what did I do? You guessed it. I started kicking to the front! Yeesh. Over the course of the morning I was able to reduce, but not eliminate, the kick completely in either direction. The one run where it felt to me that the kick was minimal in either direction was the run where I traveled backwards about 5 meters! Oy!

Work required that I leave the gym as close to on time as possible, so I only did three of the sets. Honestly, given all the work that preceded the double under practice, I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

We’re doing some one rep max testing later this week. I’m very eager to tackle that and see how things develop. I’ll keep you posted.