Had a lot of fun today testing for 1 rep maxes. Didn’t hit any PR’s, but man today went a long way to rebuilding some confidence.

Segment 1:
1 rep Max Snatch
15 minutes

Without going rep by rep, I worked from 95# up to 2 successful singles at 145# today. Both of those 145# lifts were power snatches, not full squat snatches. I currently have 150 listed in my WOD book as my 1RM/PR. I know that I’ve gone ground to overhead (with a split snatch) with 165# once. I’d like to believe that I’ve hit 155# before, but I don’t have it documented. So I’ll take the 150 at face value.

That means I was just 5 pounds shy of my all time 1RM. Had I taken the time to check my notebook before working out, I might have organized my lifts a bit differently and skipped the second 145# lift. I was trying to make that one “pretty” and a full squat snatch. Had I realized how close I was to my 1RM. I might have gone for 150 + some washers. I sincerely believe I might have muscled that out.

Segment 2:
1 rep Max Clean and Jerk
15 minutes

For clean and jerks I worked successful lifts from 135 to 185. Again, I failed to check my notebook and that was a mistake. The most I have ever sucessfully clean and jerked is 195#. I’ve muscled through a 210# clean once and can jerk more than that when permitted to take it from the rack. But as a combined lift, 195# is the top of my game to date. So I was just 10# short of that today.

Had I taken the time to check and understood my 1RMs better, I’m also pretty confident that I could have muscled my way through a power clean and jerk at 195 + some washers as well. All of my cleans were high power cleans. I was yanking the bar just short of my pecs all morning. I got greedy and made an attempt at 205, thinking that would have been a new PR and failed.

Realistically, I could not be more pleased with how these lifting segments went. I felt strong. I’m pleasantly surprised at my pulling strength on all of the lifts. I had confidence in my approach and technique thanks to recent work with Coach Katy. My knee was never an issue. To be lifting heavy today and to be well north of 90% of 1RM was really cool. I concede that there’s a confidence issue to be overcome with respect to dropping fast on really heavy lifts, but that’s a head thing. It’s got nothing to do with the actual health of my knee. I just need to build my confidence to drop fast and deeper. Frankly, that’s been a challenge all along. So it was a really good day.

Segment 3:
EMOM 10 minutes:
5 Front Squats for max load

This was a deceptively challenging METCON! First, I didn’t understand what was required. I thought this was another alternating minutes EMOM. I expected to do front squats on the odd minutes and handstand push ups on the even minutes. Clearly, it’s not written that way, but I just had it in my head that this is how it would happen. I was stunned to learn that all of those reps needed to be done every minute! Even after having it explained to me I did the first squats of the first round and then stood around for 5-7 seconds before remembering that I needed to get to the wall for handstand work.

I used a 95# load for the front squats. My intent was to do three negative handstands each round, but after one round I realized my shoulders were too fried. I was crashed to the floor on the third rep. So I went to two negatives for the next two rounds, but the second rep of the second round in this rep scheme was another crash. I started to worry about injuring my neck. So I did 15 second handstand holds against the wall for the remainder of the WOD.

Was is it about front squats in a METCON?! They’re brutal. I don’t understand why. Typically, I like front squats. I consider them one of my better lifts, but stick them in a METCON and everything just comes to a grinding slow pace. I don’t understand that. Does anyone else feel that way? Or is it just me?