When you don’t believe in yourself, believe in your coach’s belief in you.

Segment 1:
Back Squat

Pretty good test here today. Didn’t get the results I was looking for, but I’m not disappointed.

I worked successfully through various reps from 135 to 225. After that, I did singles. My goal was to get upwards of 300#. That would have put me well inside of 90% of 1RM.

I was successful for a single at 275, but got too aggressive. I was unable to lift 295. I just got pinned at the bottom of the lift and bailed.

No big deal. I’m satisfied with the progress. Everything was centered and well positioned. No favoring the knee. Good form all morning long.

Segment 2:
Max set of unbroken Muscle ups or Pullups

I’ll admit it. My heart wasn’t really in this. I did 8 kipping pull ups. My hands were feeling soft and bubbly today right from the start. At the sixth rep I lost my rhythm and while I did not drop from the bar, I stopped doing reps. I hung free, reset my grip and did two more reps. My callouses were getting weird, so I dropped off the bar.

Segment 3:
1 Round:
30 Power Cleans (225/155)
30 Burpees Over the Bar
30 Calorie Row
Scale to finish in less than 15 minutes

Coach Doug was very clear that this METCON was meant to be heavy and should be scaled to be completed within 13-15 minutes. It was not meant to be a seven minute METCON.

As we were preparing our work stations he asked about my Grace time. I told him I can finish Grace (30 clean and jerks at 135#) in right around 5 minutes. He suggested 155# for this workout. This was what I was planning, so I readily agreed and set up my bar accordingly.

We got underway and when I stepped away from the bar after 10 singles Doug asked how many reps I completed. I told him and his response was, “That’s too fast. You need more weight.” I checked the clock and just over a minute had gone by. I was startled. Had no idea I could move 155# that fast ten times.

At that point, I’m pretty certain I whimpered and maybe tried a half-hearted, “but Doug.” It was too late, he had left and was returning with two ten pound plates!

So I did the remaining 20 reps at 175#! I’m not going to sugar coat it. They were ugly reps. I had a devil of a time using my hips correctly to boost the bar upward and it was a real battle to make myself dip at all to get under the bar!

I think I was so shocked that I was required to do this that I was mostly just panicking inside my head and not paying attention to form.

I remember thinking, “This is crazy!” Bang out a rep.

“I’ll never finish this.” Bang out another rep.

“I’m going to destroy myself.” Bang out another rep.

“What the hell is Doug trying to do to me?” Bang out another rep.

“Holy crap. This is miserable. That rep was horrible.” Bang out another rep.

It was about that time I took a walk to the chalk bucket a few bars over and while I was enroute I thought: “You just did 5 ugly reps. If you don’t get yourself right, you’re going to hurt yourself.”

It was also about then that I thought, “Doug wouldn’t hurt you. He thinks you can do this. Stop whining and DO IT!” Every now and then, when you don’t believe in yourself, you just have to trust and believe in your coaches and their judgement.

Doug came by more than once to check on my count, form and offer encouragement and guidance.

At 25, it occurred to me that I was going to get through this. In fact, Doug came by then and asked where I was. I was concerned he was going to cut me off. I told him, maybe more aggressively than necessary, “I’ve got five left. I’ve got THIS!”

I finished the last rep somewhere after seven minutes.

Burpees were not swift, but they were all two-footed hops over the bar and I never stopped. The row was a pleasant relief after everything that preceded it. I rowed hard, but there was definitely a sense of relief and comfort when I got to that stage and knew that I was going to make it through.

Final time: 12:37. It has been a very satisfying and educational week!