Segment 1:
With a running clock…
1. 5 minutes to work up to a heavy single Front Squat

I hit singles at 135, 165, 185, and 205. All time best is 255. So a decent effort, but nothing to get too excited about.

2. 5 minutes to work up to a heavy single Muscle Snatch

I did lifts at 45# 2 lifts at 65# and one at 75#. This was just weird. I tried working this from an upright position to start. I was pretty much just high pulling the bar up under my chin then pressing it out over head with a snatch grip. It was clearly two moves/lifts, not one.
Doug instructed me to start the lift from the floor. I looked at him and playfully asked, “So snatch from the floor but don’t use my hips at all?”

He said, “correct. No hips.”

I said, “That’s the first thing you correct me on any other time I pull a snatch from the floor. The first words out of your mouth are always, ‘more hips.'”

We both laughed and he answered, “I know. Just this one time only.”

3. 5 minutes to work up to a heavy single OHS
Did singles of 115#, 135# and 145#. This was a bit disappointing. At my peak, my overhead squat is just short of 200#. It’s a lift that’s frequently very difficult for others, but I tend to be better than many. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked this lift though and today it felt TOTALLY foreign. The results show that.

4. 5 minutes to work up to a heavy single Snatch Balance
Did singles at 75#, then 3 singles at 95#. This also felt very unfamiliar today and I really wanted to practice it at a manageable weight.

5. 5 minutes to work up to a heavy single Squat Snatch
Squat snatches at 95#, 105#, 115# and 125 pounds. These were not full squat, but were deep catches, so I was reasonably satisfied with these.

6. 5 minutes to work up to a heavy single Front Squat
135#, 185 and 205# was a decent way to close out this set of work.

Segment 2:
15 OHS, 135/95
15 Chest to Bar Pullups
15 Squat Snatches, 135/95
15 Chest to Bar Pullups
15 Front Squats, 135/95
15 Chest to Bar Pullups
15 Squat Cleans, 135/95
15 Chest to Bar Pullups
Scale as needed to finish in less than 15 minutes

I had reviewed the white board for the 6am class. My buddy, who is far more fit than I, completed the METCON at 95# in just under 14 minutes. With that frame of reference, I had to make a choice about how to approach this one. Run a bit heavier knowing it was likely I would not complete the work; or scale the weights even lighter to meet the stated goal to finish under 15 min.

I kind of dismissed the rig work right from the start. 60 chest to bar pull ups were well out of my league. My intent was to do chin over bar pull ups as long as possible, then go to ring rows. Ultimately, I chose weight over speed and pull ups fell apart far faster than I anticipated. Things were so wore out from the previous work that I only completed one round using pull ups and did all ring rows afterward.

When time was up, I had completed 13 of the squat cleans. So final score: DNF – 17 reps left on the table.

It could be argued that I chose weights that were too heavy given I didn’t finish; but I’m ok with that today. I got deep into the METCON and I liked the challenge.