I set a small goal for myself this month in the gym: to get at least 16 work outs in during the month of August and return to the Crossfit Durham Kool-Aid club. Barring a catastrophic set of circumstances or change in health in the next two days, I’m gonna make it…by a hair (17 WODs). Here’s a run down on the past few days.

WOD 8/25

30 Power Snatches (75/55)
400 Meter Run
60 Thrusters 400 Meter Run
30 Power Snatches

Coach Charlotte set a 25 minute cap for this METCON. I was pretty certain I was going to need every one of them.

I performed this WOD Rx. There were just a couple of things notable about this one.

1) It was a funny lesson in numbers. Doing two sets of 30 snatches wasn’t nearly as soul-sucking and mentally torturous as working through a single set of 60 thrusters. Not certain why that is, but it’s the truth. Screwing my head on right to work through 60 reps was quite the task. Thrusters by far, were the longest segment of the workout.

2) The runs were ok! More specifically, the second run, even after all of the work that preceded it FINALLY felt like my stride was back to normal! Make no mistake. I didn’t run fast 400’s. The second one was around two minutes. But for the first time since I’ve resumed running my stride felt natural. There was nothing forced or tentative in the stride. I was simply out running. Very cool.

If you’re wondering, I finished the WOD in 19:53. Really though, this one was not about the time.

WOD 8/26

After working through the WODs the previous two days, I SO did not want to go to the gym on Friday. EVERYTHING ached. I really wanted to take a rest day, but remembering my larger goal for the month, I counted the workouts in my WOD book and determined I could not afford a rest day.

Segment 1:
Deadlifts (225/155)
Scale to finish in less than 12 minutes

When I finally got honest with myself, this was the portion of the workout that I was most dreading. I wanted nothing to do with heavy deadlifts or going upside down.

I scaled the Deadlifts to 185 and with Coach Doug’s permission substituted a rep scheme of 7-5-3 Wall Walks. I finished in 8:25. Not too bad. On a different day, I probably would have done Rx deadlifts. Far as I can tell, this is the first time I have completed (perhaps AND recorded) a score for Diane. Not a bad first date.

Segment 2:
Toes To Bar
Run 200m
Scale to finish in less than 10 minutes

As I’m preparing for the team competition in October, I’m actually seeking out more METCON’s with T2B as they are a goat of mine. So I was motivated for this one.

I was the last person to complete this METCON, by a long shot again. But you know what? I finished it Rx which means I pulled off 45 T2B. That’s quite a few for me. More importantly, I was able to complete the rounds of 21 and 15 in three sets. That’s a very solid performance for me. Not very long ago a set of 21 T2B would take me 5 or more sets. So, progress. Very satisfying.

Segment 3:
For time:
200 Double unders
Rest 1 minute
100 Double unders

The rep scheme as prescribed would take an unreasonable amount of time for me to complete. Therefore, I followed Doug’s direction to scale. Work for 5 minutes, 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest. Rest 1 minute, then repeat.

I was pleased to hit 100 reps across the first 5 minutes of work. Had some very good runs. Most were in the 15-20 range. There were definitely some stumbles, but overall, not bad.

The second time through, I accumulated 50 reps across 3 sets and called that good enough for the day.

WOD – 8/30
Segment 1:
With a running clock
at the 0:00
AMRAP 5 minutes
30 Double Unders
10 Toes To Bar

I completed 2 full rounds +34 reps Rx. My friend Seth laughed at my feng shui of double unders as we were warming up. That’s where I warm up doing a set of DU’s facing each wall of the gym. The set which goes longest is clearly the direction from which the double unders are flowing! That’s the direction I face for the rest of the METCON. You all knew that right?

I showed him! Being able to complete this METCON Rx was a pretty good accomplishment. Turns out the double unders were flowing down Geer Street out of the East today.

Best part of this METCON was that I was able to do both sets of 10 T2B unbroken. Those are the longest unbroken sets I’ve ever accomplished. Again, progress. Yay.

Segment 2:
at the 10:00
AMRAP 5 minutes
30 Double Unders
15 KB Swings (52/35)

Double unders dried up in this METCON. Didn’t matter which direction I was facing. I got 13 reps my first run, then needed 6 more sets just to get to 20. At that point, I flipped to single unders and just kept doing reps until I was the last person jumping. Then I set down my rope and moved to KB swings. For remaining rounds I did the suggested scale of 15 cal row in place of DU’s.

Completed 3 rounds plus 30 reps. Bummed that the double unders evaporated, but not surprised.

Segment 3:
at the 20:00
AMRAP 5 minutes
15 Cal Row
10 Thrusters (95/65)

Scaled the thrusters to 75# and compelted 2 rounds + 15 reps. Not great, but I won’t lie. I was TIRED.

I’m a bit surprised how important it became to try and make the gym’s Kool-aid club this month. I acknowledge that doing this means I had to deviate from my earlier stated plan of MovNat one day, Oly lifting another, rest, etc. Somehow though, staying focused on one element with one goal and recommitting to simply getting to the gym regularly and participating with the larger group seemed important. Not to mention this is the first time since I injured my knee in November that I’ve been able to accomplish this. Just taking part in 16 classes in a month represents one more benchmark to demonstrate that my legs are officially back under me and healthy. So it’s a small thing, still I’m very pleased.