I had lots of conflicting emotions about working out today.

“Ugh, another long EMOM.”

“Guarantees you’ll get some rest.”

“I feel so creaky.”

“You won’t loosen up sitting around and you have to drive the boy to school anyway.”

In the end I went.

Segment 1:
On the Minute x 21:
Minute 1 – 15/12 Calorie Row
Minute 2 – 15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
Minute 3 – 15 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)
Scale rep numbers as needed to allow for 15-20 second rest each minute

Coach Charlotte put us through a very complete warm up sequence and it became clear very quickly that today was not going to be an ‘all-star’ sort of day.

As we prepped for the WOD she explained that she wanted us to end our exercise at the 40 second mark to ensure transition and rest time for the next event.

That meant that 6 of the 7 rows were 14 calories and one was 13.

6 of the 7 rounds of Med Ball Cleans were 13 reps each. Since it was the last event of the last minute I completed all 15 reps that round.

Box Jump Overs proved complicated. I started out with a 24″ box jumping up on the box, then off. I was trying to be efficient and quick, but two landings per rep proved to be more than I was willing to tolerate on my knee.

It wasn’t acutely painful. It was just uncomfortable. Could just feel things bumping around inside. The surgeon warned me about that. Let’s face it. When they repaired my meniscus, they snipped off the torn section. There’s simply a bit less cushion inside my knee than I used to have. Consequently, some actions are just sort of unfriendly.

With the box jump overs the combinations of jumping, landing, twisting, jumping again, I could feel my knee getting achy really quickly. Today it just wasn’t necessary to inflict that on my legs. If I was in a competition and the standard required “jump overs” I could do it. I would pay for it the next day; but I can do them. Today, there was nothing to be gained by punishing myself. So I flipped the box to 20″ and did step overs (10 or 11 per round) for the remaining 5 rounds.

Part of the key to getting better at these jump overs will be relearning soft landings. Today I was pretty much slamming to the floor from the top of the box. Need to ease up on the landings.

Segment 2:

Charlotte put us through a 20 min or so ROMWOD session that was very much appreciated. Not certain if Friday will be a rest day or not. I’ve got three workouts in this week. I would like to get four. We’ll see.

It will very much be a game time decision. I’ll already be at the box. I’m coaching the 6am bootcamp class. So it would certainly be convenient.

At the same time I’m feeling very crunchy and slow right now. Additionally, I’m taking a day off from my Saturday coaching duties to take the kids on a family-friendly 2 mile mud run/obstacle course. That won’t be an overly aggressive workout, but it will be work. It will also be the longest run in over a year for me. So we’ll just have to see how everything feels on Friday morning.