Crossfit is fraught with little hazards and injuries that over time one learns to avoid either through improving technique or proper care of one’s body. Today, with 5 years of dedicated Crossfit experience I incurred a minor injury that I have never seen before and have no idea how it happened.

Segment 1:
Running Clock…
at the 0:00
3 Rounds:
10 Power Snatch, 95/65
10 Bar Facing Burpees
at the 10:00
2 Rounds
15 Power Snatch
15 Bar facing Burpees

This is a deload week at CFD. Workouts are still intense, but we’re not maximizing every moment of the 60 minute class with high-intensity functional fitness type work.

As you can see by the METCON above it’s meant to be pretty quick. The faster you finish the first three rounds, the more rest you earn before the last two.

I scaled the snatches to 75#. In hindsight, I probably should have gone a shade heavier; but in the spirit of deload week, I’m pretty good with my results.

Completed the first set of work in 5:22 and went unbroken on each phase, stopping only to chalk hands before each round of snatches.

The second phase I completed in about 5:15. The first round was completely unbroken. The second time through I again paused to chalk hands and broke the snatches into sets of 9 and 6.

Given I only utilized half the allotted work time. I wouldn’t argue too hard if someone said, “you should have run this at 85# or so.” I do think the Rx would have been overly difficult the way my body felt today.

Somehow during this METCON I managed to blister and rip open the blisters on BOTH pinkie fingers. In five years of Crossfit, this is a first. I’ve done numerous METCONs with more reps of both snatches and other lifts. This has never happened.  I have no idea what was different today that caused these tears. I showed Coach Doug and he gave me this totally perplexed look of, “how did you do that?” Neither of us have an answer.

Segment 2:
Mobility – all I will say regarding mobility is that there was far more groaning, wincing, whining and “Oh, ow” across the entire class going on during the mobility than there was during the METCON. Clearly deload week is right on time. 😉