Thursday, Sept 8

3 Rounds
30 Deadlift, 185/135
20 Front Squats
10 Power Cleans
*Rest 2 minutes between rounds

This was not my day. Chalk it up to the third straight day of WODs, old age, bad attitude, a combination of all of the above; I’m not sure. But this WOD punished me and defeated me.

I knew that the RX weight was out of my league. It was too many power cleans for me at that weight, but I wanted to challenge myself and not go too light. I set the bar up for 155 with an extra ten pounds nearby. I had every intention of working at 165# for the METCON.

While warming up though I decided that things felt creaky and I’d work the first round at 155# and if things improved, I’d advance to 165 for the remaining two rounds. Yeah, that was a pipe dream.

It’s not worth covering round by round, exercise by exercise. The short of it is, I completed 2 full rounds, the third set of 30 deadlifts, 12 additional front squats then quit around the 22 minute mark. I was defeated, that’s all.

For what it’s worth, I have written that entire day off as just a ‘horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad day.” Here’s why.

After that crummy workout I was involved in a fender bender in my Mustang later in the morning. Most importantly no one was injured! Cars can be fixed. Fixing people is harder. So for this I am grateful.

The car is drivable, but it looks ugly and that hurts.

So after a crummy workout and a car accident, I tried to find something safe and productive to do.

I wanted to split fire wood but thought, “Do you really think it’s a good idea for you to pick up an axe today?”

So then I thought: “Ok, I’ll wash dishes. Wait, knife blades and broken glass. Better not.”

Laundry! “Yeah, laundry! Soft, safe, no edges. I’ll fold laundry.”

While untangling a pair of gym shorts, I took them by the waist band and snapped them out in front of me to straighten the legs. When I did this, one of the draw strings snapped upward ‘crack the whip’ style popping me in my right eye leaving it watering and bloodshot! Yes, that’s right folks. That’s how I managed to poke myself in the eye folding laundry. It was at that point, I simply accepted that the day was just a total wash out and I gave myself permission to stop trying to do anything productive or useful. I spent the remainder of the day trying to shake the negative mojo that had stuck to me and I immersed myself in some movies on TV.

Some days are just horrible, terrible, no-good very bad days.

Monday, Dec 12
Segment 1:
3RM Overhead Squat

I did 5 total sets of 3 reps each: 95#, 115#, 135#, 155#, and 165#.

165# is 85% of my 1RM of 195#. So I’m very satisfied with these results.
Segment 2:
5×5 Front Squat at 75% across

I worked that same 165# across all 5 sets of front squats. All reps were well below parallel and came up pretty quickly. They got a little sticky in the last two sets.

As I was working through these sets, I was chiding myself that they should have been heavier. I knew that 165# wasn’t the prescribed 75%; but I consoled myself by concentrating on squatting very deeply and maintaining really good form. It was only after the WOD when I realized that I was working around 65%; that I cut myself some mental slack. I wasn’t as far from 75% as I initially thought.

Segment 3:
5 rounds NOT for time of:*
Max Push Press, Bodyweight
Max Toes To Bar
No rest between movements, but 3 minute rest between rounds

Bodyweight was never an option for this WOD. My bodyweight is my all time 1RM. Plus, when Doug said we would be taking the bar from the floor, that sealed that deal. I would need to scale the weight. Doug’s guidance was to choose a weight that would allow for 3-7 reps per round. I elected to keep the same 165# that I had been using all morning. It proved to be a very challenging weight.

By round, I managed 3 Push Press/10 T2B; 4/11; 3/10; 4/7; and 0/75.

I was disappointed initially, to put up a zero for push press in that final round. When you consider that we were supposed to hit max reps; it’s not that surprising or disappointing, I suppose.

I was very pleased with the T2B! My goal was to get 10 reps per round and I missed that, but grip strength was the limiting factor. This caught me by surprise. My left forearm specifically was cramping up in the third round and in the final two rounds, I didn’t trust myself to hang upside down beyond 7 reps. It may seem odd, but it’s a relief to me to have grip strength be the limiting factor as opposed to lifting my hips and getting toes to the bar.

All in all a satisfying day.