I was the only athlete at the 7:15 am WOD today! This is not a positive for me. I feed off the energy of other athletes and the morning banter. Tough to banter when you’re the only one there. Don’t get me wrong. I talk to myself all the time and find myself to be entirely hysterical.

Somehow though, when you’re slogging up and down the sidewalk alone on a 400M run on a gray, overcast morning; it feels a lot longer than just 400M. It showed in my results too.

5 Rds for Time
15 Pull Ups
400M Run
20 min Cap

I went into this METCON concerned about the pull ups. I didn’t believe that I had 75 pull ups in me. I told Coach Charlotte that as we were going through mobility and warm ups and even set a pair of rings up calibrated to my height for whenever the pull ups evaporated.

That being said, we also discussed that since I was working alone and didn’t expect to finish, this would be a great morning to really focus on my kipping and try to improve that and see how far it would carry me.

I’m rather tickled to say that my kip was really on today. Body positioning was tight. Shoulder flexibility was great particularly on the bottom outward bow, and I was able to control my swings all through out.

I needed four sets to get through the first round. Three sets of five for the middle three rounds. I think it was four sets in the final round.

The only thing that I know about that final round was that I needed two reps to finish it out and I got a bit careless about my grip. After 73 pull ups without ripping I tore my right hand open on one of those last two reps! I had been so careful! To rip it then was a bit annoying. Still, I was mostly excited that I successfully completed 75 chin over bar pull ups. So I didn’t get too worked up about the hand.

I was very deliberate and committed to my rest during the pull ups. Drop from a set, four steps out, four steps back, deep breath, WORK.

Coach Charlotte was pacing me and it took me about 1 minute for each round of pull ups. That left 15 minutes to run 5 x 400M and I needed every damn second.

I know this because I crossed the start/finish line at 19:50! I’m not pleased with those runs, but I’m not surprised or overly upset. I was running alone with no sense of pace. I was also trying to conserve energy and breath as well as shake out my arms for each next round of pull ups. So the runs were definitely not part of my focus. Still, they should be better than that.

In the end, I’m pleasantly surprised with the pull ups and can accept the results on the runs. A good morning overall.