Lately, writing about workouts has seemed very trivial. The world has seemed very intense and documenting METCONs has felt very insignificant. There have been too many workouts between my last post and this one to recap them all. I’ll offer some notes.

1) Set a 3RM Back Squat this week. It was right around 82% of my all time PR. The best news there is it feels like I can truly trust my knee again.

2) Our team continues to prepare for the Triangle Invitational. I’ve enjoyed these practices more than I expected. There are limits to what we can accomplish in practice. Afterall, we don’t know what the workouts will be. Still, it’s been cool. Beyond the practices themselves, I’ve really enjoyed the practice preparation. Researching various team workouts for us to practice, mulling over pairings for WODs. It’s been an interesting exercise.

Beyond the gym, things have been pretty wild in the world, no?

I’ve been thinking a lot about all of it.

-) Trying to keep my son safe at the bus stop from rogue pit bulls and reports of men harassing school girls at their bus stops in the mornings
-) Bombings in NJ and NY
-) Shootings of black citizens in cities across the country
-) Participating in the Durham Pride parade to celebrate diversity of the LGBTQ community
-) The insanity of the raging animosity of Presidential Debate and this entire election cycle

I don’t have answers, but I have a couple of observations and as a result, some new commitments or resolutions.

First and foremost, I recognize this. No one should live their life scared. No one, man, woman or child should live their life preoccupied with their every action in fear for their well-being because of their gender, their skin color or who they choose to love. It’s wrong at the most fundamental level and I want to help create change. Change for my family, my friends, my community at large.

Next, so much of what I see seems to stem from a fundamental lack of respect in every direction. The bigger issues I’m not certain how to help, but I’m working on those.

This lack of respect, this is something I understand and can address in my own modest way.

Going forward I’m only using my space in social media and my voice in this world to promote the channels, the individuals and organizations that I feel are moving in the right direction; the ones that are providing voice to the oppressed and viable solutions to the challenges we face.

I won’t give voice to the anger, the sarcasm and the venom. I won’t allow others to post it on my walls and let it live there. It’s a small thing, perhaps. Meaningful? I’m not sure. But it’s under my control and therefore I will take action. For myself, my resolution going forward is to find a way to give voice only to those who want to be #PartOfTheSolution.

Want to join me? Let’s talk about how we might do it together.