Been feeling a bit nicked up lately. Nothing serious, just taking inventory and realizing that my shoulders/neck have been really tight since Tuesday’s WOD. I have a tightness in my left forearm that I absolutely can not roll out or relax. Taking that all into consideration, today’s assigned 21-15-9 Deadlifts 225# and Ring Dips sounded like absolutely no fun.

I didn’t want to skip the gym entirely though. I missed Monday recovering my car from the body shop. I sat out Wednesday per my normal rest cycle. Ditching today would have felt wrong. So I improvised my own work today.

I went to CFD, but excused myself to a corner where I could lay out some gymnastic mats and do my own thing.

Basically, I spent 20 minutes or so tinkering with ground flow hip mobility work. Then I moved up to some tumbling and crawling. That all went well and felt pretty good. Watched the video I posted earlier and realized I’m rolling wrong. I should be rolling over the shoulder of the foot that steps forward. I’ve been rolling the opposite shoulder. Need to work on that.

I experimented with this maneuver (a tic tac – it happens in the first 15 sec or so. No need to watch the whole video.) for a bit but abandoned it pretty quickly.

Essentially, I was trying to run up to the wall on an angle, jump up with one foot and push off the wall to change direction and land. When I took the MovNat Level 1 and 2 Cert back in November, it was the weekend after I tore my meniscus. This was one of the first moves from which I had to excuse myself. The combination of running and lateral jumping was far too painful to participate. I wanted to experiment today to see how it would go. My goal was to hit the MovNat cert requirement of leaping from one plate then onto the wall, performing that push and landing on a target plate 6′ away. Wasn’t even close.

The good news is it’s not a reflection of the health of my knee. My leg can handle all of the stresses of all of the motions and the directional changes.The challenges are: 1) It’s totally unfamiliar. Conceptually, it’s all very simple. In execution, there’s a LOT more happening here than I realized. It’s going to take practice to work up to this. 2) There’s a mental block. When I approach the wall so that the wall is positioned on my right and I will be pushing off the wall with my right foot I’m nervous about the left foot landing. Coming from the opposite direction, I’m actually more comfortable setting my left foot into the wall so that it’s a right-foot landing. Still, it’s all so foreign that I need to work on it a while.

I ended up spending some time simply standing and facing the wall. I would take one step forward, plant one foot about 18″ up the wall, lean into that foot, lift the other foot off the floor and then push myself backward. Imagine doing box step ups against the wall. I did a number of these reps simply to get my feet accustomed to grabbing onto and pushing off the wall. This is my one issue with MonNat and the resources currently available. There aren’t any resources/guidelines on scaling. We as athletes/trainers have to work them out/improvise on our own. Crossfit is full of progressions for things. That same sort of guidance isn’t readily available for MovNat.

Won’t lie. I was disappointed that the lateral tic tac wasn’t easier. In my mind, pulling off that maneuver today would have indicated another significant benchmark in declaring my knee ‘completely healed.’ I don’t know why I expected myself to be able to naturally pull off a trick that I’d never practiced before, but some how I did. A lesson in framing expectations relearned, I guess.

All in all, a pretty good play day, if not a spectacular one.