So this weekend, I had the privilege of competing in a six person team Crossfit competition. It was fantastic! It was a day of challenges both physical and mental. It was a day full of camaraderie, cooperation, support and most of all fun. I’d go back into competition with any and all of my team mates without hesitation should the opportunity present itself again.


I’m not going to try and recap every event in full. It’s way too much. I will however offer some thoughts/observations on various aspects.

-) At CFD the terrain around our gym is uneven. Our 400M run course is a steady incline out for 200M, then back down on the same 200M. This weekend, the 400M run course was much closer to level. The difference was remarkable. I don’t have my splits, but I am absolutely confident that between competitive adrenaline and the much flatter course; I ran some of the best 400’s ever.

Knowing that will make future training runs on our course more bearable. ūüėČ

-) When your team strategy differs from most every other team’s plan, it can be really difficult to stay in your game, stay focused and¬†not let it play tricks on your mind. I’m pleased to say that when that happened to me, I was able to stay calm, stick to our agreed upon plan. By doing so, we achieved better than anticipated results.

) I matched my all time high clean and jerk at 195#. Reasons that feels like a significant accomplishment: 1) It was after hitting 4 clean and jerks at 185#, 2) and those 4 lifts came just 5 minutes after nearly 5 minutes of aerobic work! So I was very pleased.

-) After 30 unbroken wall balls, convincing my legs to adjust¬†from squatting to running to transition into a 400M dash, took some concentration! I tried to take off with a long running gait and my glutes were screaming at me, “Wait! We’re still squatting! Why are we not squatting anymore? What the hell is going on!” It took a good 50-75 meters before my stride felt comfortable.

-) Getting into position to climb a rope that doesn’t reach the floor is VERY¬†different than setting yourself up on one that does. That was an unanticipated challenge and one that caught me off guard.¬†That’s ok. The ropes where uniform for every team and we train for the unknown and unknowable.

-) While I was very pleased with my individual performance in Event 2, I think Event 5 with Overhead Squats, Walking Overhead Plate Lunges, and Snatches was my favorite/strongest event of the day. It surprises me to say that.

-) As the oldest member of my team, I felt like I carried my fair share of the load on the day. That’s a rewarding feeling and a relief. Going into the competion, before the WODs were announced, I had concerns that depending on the events I might be more of a liability than an asset to my team.

I’m guessing those are concerns that almost every athlete has to some degree at some point or other. It’s both satisfying and a relief to come out on the other side of the competition and feel like I made a contribution.

-) Physically I feel better than anticipated. I’m tired and a bit sore, but not punished as I expected to be. That being said, I didn’t feel strong enough to tackle a Hero WOD “Glenn” with two miles of running, rope climbs and 100 burpees today. ūüėČ

So what’s next? I’m taking from now through Wednesday when I take the family to the State Fair to eat with absolutely no attention given to calories and content. After that, back on to the nutrition train (no beer in the house. Very limited bread).

I’m already registered as a Masters Scaled Individual athlete for the War of the WODs in Greensboro, NC over Martin Luther King weekend in January. This is one of the largest Crossfit events in our region. It is, in my estimation, likely¬†the closest I’ll ever get as an athlete to a Regionals level competition. I’m curious to see how I will stack up against a fair sized group of other guys my own age.

With some discipline and a target date/event on the calendar, my goal is to control my diet better than I have in years past. Once the State Fair comes around, that unofficially signals the beginning of the hibernation season eating habits. I want to avoid that this year.

My other goal for the War of the WODs is to encourage as many friends from CFD as possible to join in and participate. I think it would be absolutely amazing to take a large squad of people to the event and share the day. We’ll see what we can accomplish between now and then.