Man, today was a fun day! Made a bit of progress on some skills that have challenged me for a long long time. I didn’t conquer them by any means, but I moved forward. That’s a gain and that was important for my morale because it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been able to claim a PR or real quantifiable progress on anything.

Segment 1:

EMOM 21 minutes
Min 1: 10 Romanian Deadlift, 50% of best DL
Min 2: 10 Handstand Pushups
Min 3: 50 Double unders

All DL were done a 185# which is a fraction over the prescribed 50%. Really not much to talk about there.

Going out of sequence now: Double Unders – On the first round, I hit an unbroken set of 45! That’s a personal best. I’ve never topped 40 before. The highest run I can recall is around 35 a couple of times. That felt really good. To be fair, I only accumulated 20-25 reps in each of the remaining rounds, but I don’t mind. It was a nice personal victory.

HSPU’s: Handstand Push Ups have bothered me for some time now. I have felt for quite some time that I OUGHT to be able to do a few kipping HSPU’s from say one or two stacked ABMATS. Yet in five plus years of Crossfit, I have never gotten one. I know part of the problem. They intimidate me, but not without cause. On more than one occasion when practicing, I arched my neck and smacked my head on the concrete wall of the gym. Some times hard enough to see stars. That’s not a mistake you want to make more than once.

As we were talking scales for those I let Coach Doug know that I intended to work on/figure out kipping working 30-40 seconds each round. He agreed that it was a good plan/strategy and he came around several times offering tips, guidance and encouragement.

With my head resting on two stacked ABMATS I was able to get at least one kipping HSPU each of the seven rounds and in some rounds I got two! I didn’t really count, but I’m comfortable laying claim to 10 total reps. Even so, 7 verified reps is a long way from 0, so I’m happy.

It was a really cool feeling to have that technique come together. I got a bit aggressive one round and attempted a rep from one ABMAT, but wasn’t able to do that. I quickly stacked the mats two high and got one rep in. What can I say? I was having such a good day, I didn’t want a zero in any round.

I’ve got a fair bit of work to do to get to head on the floor kipping HSPU’s, but having that bit of a breakthrough today and having that quantifiable progress, that clear step forward, was a very nice injection of confidence. I now look forward to continuing to practice these instead of dreading them in a workout.

Segment 2:
4 x 2 minute row at 2k pace
2 min rest

I got in three rows all just under a 2:00/500M pace which was my target. The batteries in my rower died after my third round. So I hopped on a stationary bike and did a quick 2 minute ride just to get in 8 full minutes of work.

In between rounds of rowing a friend on the next rower observed, “you have great gym noises.” I’m not certain what exactly inspired the comment. Perhaps it was the chuff of my exhales as I was breathing during the rows. Maybe it was the “woo-hoos” and “hell yeahs” of the day as my personal victories occurred. Maybe it was a combination of all of the above. Doesn’t matter.

The comment made us both laugh and I answered, “I’m father to a 7 and 12 yo. I’m full of all KINDS of sound effects.” We laughed again and settled into the next work session.

A very entertaining and satisfying day, to be sure.