This has been a very good week. Nice to end the week with another first and continue to feel like I’m moving forward in measurable ways.

Thursday, October 20

Segment 1:
10 rounds for time of:
95-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls, 7 reps
95-lb. front squats, 7 reps
95-lb. push jerks, 7 reps

Coach Charlotte placed a 20 minute cap on our group. I checked the white board and saw that a friend in the 6am crew took 21 minutes and change doing the WOD Rx. I know he’s generally stronger, fitter, faster than I am so I elected to scale this to 75#. It was a sound decision.

I was very deliberate about my rest during this WOD. Knock out the 7 high pulls, set the bar down. Four steps back, breathing deeply all the while. Pause, one deep breath. Four steps up, keep breathing, grab the bar and then knock out the remaining 14 reps. I maintained this routine for the duration of the METCON and completed it in 15 minutes and some change. Very satisfying result.

Nice to feel like I was in control of it from start to finish and to be able to adhere to the plan throughout.

Friday, October 21
Segment 1:
4 Bar Muscle Ups
8 Power Snatches (115/80)
16 Box Jumps (24/20)

My mindset about bar muscle ups is much like that of my attitude towards Handstand Push Ups I ought to be closer to accomplishing them than I have been. I was resolved today to find an appropriate scale get locked out and over the bar at least once.

The closest I’ve ever come to completing a bar muscle up was during the Crossfit Open. I think twice I was able to kip high enough that I managed to hook my elbows (perhaps only one) over the bar and hang, but then was unable to wriggle my way into position to get the rest of me over the bar and locked out.

So as Coach Doug was talking about scales with each of us, I told him my goal. He said, “are you going to use a band?”

I was incredulous. Bands are typically verbotten so that we don’t grow dependent on them. I asked, “are you going to let me?!”

He said, “absolutely.” So we agreed on a combination of two bands. One was blue, one was purple, but in reality they were the same width (1.5″)/density.

We agreed that for the METCON I would make four earnest attempts each round and we would see what happened.

First round I was SO close to clearing the bar, but couldn’t quite work out the sequence/timing of steps to make the turn over the bar.

Second time through I made three legit band-assisted bar muscle ups! I was so excited! It was just really cool to feel things come together. Plus, it was cool to hear the encouragement from Coach Doug, Adam and my other friends.

Third and fourth rounds the other work was taxing me pretty good and I once again couldn’t seem to clear the bar. But that’s ok.

I accomplished something I have never done before. So I’m thrilled with the day’s results.

Oh, the other stuff. I did power snatches at 95#. Box jumps were the other accomplishment on the day. In the first round, Doug challenged me saying, “I want all jumps. No step ups. That’s your goal today.” I acknowledged that I heard him and set to the task. Pleased to say I met that challenge too. I wasn’t flying through the reps, but every one was a jump onto the 24 inch box. MOST of them were a jump off, but I know I lost focus on the descent and stepped off a couple of times. When time had expired, I had completed 3 full rounds, 4 additional muscle up attempts and perhaps 4 snatches. I say perhaps because as I write this, I’m realizing I misrecorded and mis-reported my score on the whiteboard.

I wrote down in my WOD book and told Doug that I completed 3 + 13, but I see now that’s not possible. I was still doing snatches when time elapsed, so I never made 12 reps in that round. Let’s just call it 3 rounds + 4 reps. As I said, I was doing snatches when time ran out, but I don’t know how many I completed.

With two new firsts, it has definitely been a great week in the gym.