Following up on a number of WODs over the past few days.

Sunday, Oct 23
WWII Army Physical Fitness Test
So we conducted the Army Physical Fitness Test, the World War II version. This was pretty cool.

You can read about the test itself in more detail here.

Basically, it consists of the following:

2 Min Max Rep Strict Pull Up
2 Min Max Rep Push Up
2 Min Max Rep Sit Up
2 Min Max Rep Jump Squats
300 Yd Shuttle run

I really enjoyed participating in this one. So much so that I went out and bought some “vintage” (God it pains me to say that!) Battle Dress Uniform pants in the style that I wore when I served 20 years ago. I also wore my LL Bean boots, as they were the closest thing to combat boots that I own.

By event

Pull Ups – Fail: Needed 7 strict unbroken reps to pass. I got 3. Rounded out the remainder of the two minutes doing kipping and amassed 14 or so.

Push Ups – Fail: Needed 27 unbroken. I got 24. This surprised and disappointed me. I consider my push ups a personal strength. Burning out this early caught me off guard.

I unfortunately had the standard for my era of 42 push ups in my head. I could feel myself failing and kind of bailed. If I had remembered that 27 was the standard, I MAY have been able to squeak those out, or pace myself differently. Honestly, I’m not sure. Kind of bugs me to have missed by that little though.

Sit Ups – Pass: Needed 50 or 52. I got 53

Jump Squats – Pass: Needed 50. I just got by it. This one amused me. I was one of the highest scores for this test in my session. I believe that my MovNat work helped me adapt and succeed with this very unfamiliar move.

300 Yd Shuttle Run: Fail: Needed :52 seconds. I took a minute thirty something.

Bummed I failed, but not too disappointed. The standards above are presumably for a new recruit ranging in age from 18-24. I am well outside that age range. Hell, if I was still serving, I’d be eligible to retire at my age! I have been unable to locate age scaled standards for that version of the test.

By today’s standards for my age group, I scored much more respectably.

Based on this chart – for the 37-41 age bracket (remember, I’m going to be 46 in November, but there’s no scale for that offered here) – 34 reps would be a passing 60% score. I still failed with my 24 reps. However, I know from experience the standard in a modern test is different. By WW II standards, you had to go unbroken. In the modern test, it’s simply 2 minutes max rep. You are permitted to break plank and rest. Hands and feet have to remain in contact with the ground at all times, but you can break plank and redistribute your weight forward or back to find some rest. If we were using today’s testing techniques/standards, I’m confident I would have passed.

For the sit ups – by today’s standards – my score would have put me in the 76th percentile, a comfortably passing score.

So while I don’t like to claim age as an excuse, when you stack my scores against the expectations for my age. I am technically fit for duty. That makes this old soldier feel pretty useful.

Monday, October 24
3 Rounds:
10 Front Squats (185/135)
20 C2B Pullups
50 Double Unders

I scaled Front Squats to 155# and C2B pull ups to chin over bar. I completed 2 rounds and 4 additional front squats. Not really much more to say about this METCON.

I felt very heavy on the pull up rig on this day. Before we got started Doug casually mentioned that he thought perhaps I ought to attempt the front squats at the Rx 185#. I nervously laughed him off and said something off-hand like, “yeah, that would be impressive,” but made no move to increase the weight. He didn’t push the issue. So neither did I. Based on the work I completed, I’m comfortable with the chosen scale.

Wednesday, October 26
15 Wall Balls (20/14)
15 KB Swings (52/35)

The simple METCONs are always the wildest ones. Knew going in that this would be grinder. As Doug instructed the entire class, my goal was to go unbroken through each activity each time I started. It would be ok to rest a bit between say wall balls and KB swings, but once I started, I wanted to go unbroken for that activity.

I almost met that goal. Last round I misplayed a wall ball and dropped it on I believe the 9th rep. Bummer.

When time expired I had completed 9 full rounds and a tenth round of Wall balls. So that’s basically Karen (150 wall balls) and 135 KB swings. Not a bad morning’s work.

Some Random Additional Thoughts:

Saturday I tinkered with kipping Handstand Push Ups again. I successfully completed 2 reps to a single AbMat. I got cocky and attempted a few reps with head on floor. I’m VERY close, but can’t say that I got it. My goal is to continue to practice this and due kipping handstands (head on floor) by the end of November.

Sleep Mode – the last few nights I’ve been having trouble getting to and staying asleep. Monday night it was severe enough that I skipped Tuesday’s WOD and returned home for an extra hour of sleep after dropping my son at school.

Not really certain why this is a challenge lately. I don’t feel particularly stressed about anything, but I find it’s very difficult to settle my mind once I turn out the lights. I’m going to start with a few small changes to my evening routine and see if that helps. First, no screens after 9pm. Hopefully, that will help cut down on the stimulus/chatter as well as help my eyes rest before turning in. Two, no eating after dinner. I’ve been indulging in sweet sugary desserts anywhere between 8 and 9pm. I think perhaps the sugar is getting to me once I try to turn in. We’ll try it for a while and see how it goes.

War of the WODS – Roughly 10 weeks until the competition in mid-January. I’ve had my week of indulgence (it was only supposed to be 4 or 5 days) after the Triangle Invitational. Now I’m policing up my diet again and very much looking forward to this event. I still want to encourage as many fellow Crossfit Durham athletes as possible to compete in this event. I think that would be a blast.