Some days we all need a healthy dose of it.

Last Thursday, after the regularly scheduled WOD, I tinkered with Handstand Push Ups a bit more and I achieved my goal of getting unassisted kipping handstand push ups from the floor (no mats under the head). In fact, I got three!

I wrote this very long post detailing the effort and why it’s significant and everything. I didn’t quite finish the post before I went off to spend the evening with Lil Bit on a Daddy Daughter date. We went to the Kellogg’s Tour of Gymnastics Champions show at the Greensboro Coliseum, where I saw these guys.


See the guys in the rings in the corners roughly 25′ up? Notice there are no nets beneath them? At that point, suddenly my 3 handstand push ups felt kind of measly.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still proud of what I accomplished, but like I said….perspective.

Other thoughts about the Daddy/Daughter Date:
Remember how I said last week that I needed to change my sleep habits because something was out of whack? I thought it was something physical. When I say “trouble sleeping” I mean I was getting only 3-4 hours a night for four nights running. I would lie down with and my eyes were exhausted, but I couldn’t turn off my brain. Everything in my bedroom annoyed or disturbed me. I ended up spending 4 nights sleeping alone on the couch in the front room because the sound of my wife and dog sleeping so peacefully in the bedroom was making me crazy.

I was certain the problem had to be physical. Some change in my routine that was throwing me off. Yeah, not so much.

It seems that I was obsessing even more than I realized about having that ‘perfect’ event for my little girl.

I knew at a high-level that I was tense about that gymnastics show. I was concerned that Lil Bit’s favorite athlete, Simone Biles, might have an injury in a previous show, or get ill or just have some other reason not to perform the night we showed up.

I was worried about the logistics and the noise (as much as Lil Bit wanted to go, she really does NOT enjoy large crowds or noise). But I didn’t understand how much I was internalizing all of this and how much it was eating me up.

When we were at the arena Lil Bit was pretty quiet throughout the show. When the women’s team was introduced (Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman and Simone Biles were all present) the first thing Lil Bit asked was, “Wait! Laurie and Morgan aren’t here?!” Oh, boy.

She was attentive and engaged, but not exuberant. The only time she actively cheered was when Simone opened the second act with a solo floor routine. For THAT part of the show, Lil Bit cheered every time Simone crossed the floor!

I asked a couple of times during the show how Lil Bit was enjoying things. Everything was, “fine” or “good.” That’s it?! Just fine? OK.

The night ended in tears too because I was unwilling to wait in the souvenir line to try and purchase a Team USA replica leotard for $90. There were 150 people waiting in line and THREE people working the stand. There was no organization. It was a madhouse. I was convinced that we’d spend 45 minutes waiting in line to find out they sold out. So I pulled her out of line and of course, being exhausted and disappointed and seven, she cried huge sobbing tears as I carried her all the way to the car. Once she was in, she curled into a ball with her back to me and fell asleep.

I spent the hour long ride home wondering if that was going to be her lasting memory of the evening.

Friday morning I was out the door before she woke. I needed to text Erin about something and in the process read the messages that Lil Bit sent Erin during the intermission.

“Hi Mom. It’s M. I saw Simone Biles and she did a good job. This is the best show in my whole life!”


Friday night, I slept like a log and haven’t had a problem since.