Some days you have to absorb the upsets while you enjoy the small victories too.

Segment 1:
Back Squat
(80%/4) x 2

If things had gone to plan, I would have worked up to 4 sets of 2 reps at 265#. Things were fine up until that last segment.

I did one set of two without issue. It was heavy, but nothing surprising.

In the second round, I got pinned under the second rep and had to dump it off my back.

Coach Doug and I were both pretty surprised by the miss. I decided that I was done working at that percentage. So I stripped the bar back to 60% (225#) and did two successful lifts, just to walk away with a hit.

Segment 2:
AMRAP in 7 minutes:
10 sumo deadlift high pulls (135/95)
10 push presses

I wasn’t certain what the target should be in terms of number of rounds for this METCON. Seven minutes doesn’t seem like that long a time, so I really wanted to keep moving. 135# was out of my range, but I warmed up both 95# and 115# and chose to run fast and light.

Around the 4 minute mark I had completed three rounds. Based on the scores posted in the earlier class, that seemed fast. Doug was walking the floor and I said out loud, “maybe I should have run 115#.” His answer, “It’s not too late to add weight to the bar.” So I jumped up to 115 and completed one more full round before time expired.

Final score: 4 rounds.

Segment 3: Muscle Ups
Coach Doug explained that this was pretty wide open. Athletes were free to use the time remaining to practice any scale/exercise/movement that contributed towards working to the goal of muscle ups.

I elected to do bar muscle ups. I started with two purple bands, the same assistance that I used last week. I made two successful rounds of two reps each. The success made gave me enough confidence to scale back the band assistance. I traded in one of my purple (2″) bands for a red one (1/2″).

For the next ten minutes or so, I made attempts using that scale. I JUST missed 8 or 9 times. Some where in the midst of all of those misses, I was able to pull off one really smooth pretty rep and get up over the bar! Couldn’t replicate it though. That was a very cool feeling. I like this scale. It’s a challenge, but I get a little bit of success with it, enough to keep me moving forward and working at it. I expect I’ll use this combination for both strength and METCON training for the forseeable future.

One observation on today’s 7:15 crew. EVERYONE seemed to be having great success with their chosen scales. There were a number of people getting above the bar. Folks who were working ring holds, transitions and such were all looking strong. This group seems to be jelling together very well. That’s a lot of fun to be part of and observe.

On a more personal note, my wife and I have a friendly competition going to see who can get unassisted bar muscle ups first. It’s going to be an interesting race. Smart money is on her. Even though her primary focus is on Olympic Lifting right now, the fact is she’s far more focused and stays on task better with these sort of challenges. I’m almost certainly going to get distracted by some new bright shiny thing. More likely, I’ll have a bit of success on some unexpected movement or lift and then that will become my new number 1 goal. We’ll see.