Coaches have so much to deal with. It has to be particularly challenging when dealing with athletes (a fellow coach, no less) suffering from early Friday morning brain cramps. This was the case today and Doug was very patient with me as I struggled to grasp some very elementary concepts.

Segment 1:
Back Squat
(75%/3) x 8

Did these at 225# today. That’s 75% of 300#, which is kind of my guestimated 1RM. Doug and I talked between sets about how my left leg is just ‘tired’ lately. Yesterday I called it ‘wobbly.’ Now tired seems like a more apt description. There’s no amount of foam-rolling or ROMWOD stretching right now that helps. I don’t know why it would be, but that leg specifically just feels fatigued. We talked about ways to alleviate that starting next week. More about that as it happens. In the end, these sets actually felt ‘ok.’

Segment 2:
4 Rounds:
25 Calorie Row
25 Wall Balls (20/14)
25 Chest to Bar Pullups

Pretty straight forward work out right? 4 rounds, 3 exercises. Nothing to it.

As we were warming up I was doing some pull ups and Doug came by to chat with me. He knows that pull ups are my weakness and would definitely be my limiting factor. We both knew that 100 pull ups, even chin over bar would be excessive.

So as I’m warming up my reps, thinking about my new gymnastics grips and thinking about rep/rest schemes etc; Doug says, “What do you think about 20,15,10,5.”

I looked at the white board, then looked at him and said in a puzzled voice, “Uhm, ok. But there are only 3 exercises in the workout. What’s the 5 for?”

Doug dropped his eyes, shook his head and said, “the pull ups, Paul. 4 rounds: 20, 15, 10 and 5.”

Me: ” OHHHH! Yes! That would be a fantastic rep scheme and totally appropriate scale. Thank you!” We both laughed and I continued to warm up.

Once the WOD was underway things went about as expected.

The rows were easiest. I pretty consistently rowed a calorie per stroke each round. That was very satisfying.

The wall balls were tougher than anticipated. Doug and I both joked about the idea that ‘well, it’s not 30 wall balls,” the implication being I should be able to go unbroken each time through. That didn’t work to plan. First round yes. Second round was 16 and 9. Third round 17 and 8. Final round 12 and 13. The last round was strange.

I mentioned that tired left leg. During the last round of wall balls, my leg had a mind of it’s own. Late in each set of the fourth round, when I was fully extended upward launching the ball to the target, my left leg would twitch or pedal completely of it’s own accord! It was the type of motion you would make to kick start a motorcycle! Very weird.

Pull ups were the toughest, as expected. The round of 20 seemed to take forever to work through. I was pleased to knock out the last set of 5 unbroken. After 19+ minutes of work, that was a little victory. Finished the WOD in 19:08.

Best part about the pull ups was I got to test out the new gymnastic wraps/grips which the family bought for my birthday. I’m going to like them a lot. They will take some getting used to. For 5 plus years now, I’ve done all bar work bare-handed. Having anything between my hand and the rig just feels foreign. That will take some adjustment. But generally, I was very satisfied.

Pretty good way to finish off the week. Looking forward to seeing what the next week holds