For the first post, we’ll answer the question: how’d I do?  I competed in the 45-49 yo male Mid-Atlantic division. My scores and placements were by WOD were as follows:

WOD 1 – 183 Reps – 426 position
WOD 2 – 76 Reps – 603 position
WOD 3 – 48 Reps – 221 position
WOD 4 – 165 Reps – 337 position
WOD 5 – 27:09 – 315 position

Final Overall Standing in my division/region — 344 out of 1250 registered athletes. This might shift slightly as I understand affiliate owners have another day or so to validate athlete scores and there’s always a possibility that HQ might shift a score or two based on their evaluation of video submitted scores. But for our purposes, this works well enough.

Random Thoughts/Observations

WOD 3 – The WOD about which I was most stressed; concerned that I may not be capable of completing as prescribed turned out to be my highest ranking placement of the entire Open. Take away: for me, stay loose and have fun. The results will follow.

WOD 5 – Very satisfied with this one. With the mercurial on/off nature of my double unders it seemed a very real possibility that I might run up against the 40 minute time cap. While I couldn’t sustain the alternating EMOM strategy that I planned; I did maintain a 15-20 sec rest after the end of each segment. That was enough to not completely blow up at any point and it kept my work reasonably efficient. If I had tried to tighten those rest intervals, I’m pretty confident things would have fallen apart in a dramatic fashion.

Pleased that I was able to submit Rx scores for all 5 WODs this year. That wasn’t a specific goal going into the Open, but one that emerged after week 3. There’s certainly some luck in being able to accomplish this. After all, it’s at least in part a reflection of how the WODs were structured this year. I was pretty convinced that Week 5 was going to be something like a 12 Min AMRAP of 5 ring muscle ups, 10 alternating pistols and 20′ Handstand Walks. Something just totally out of my range of ability. Still, when you compare last year’s Open season where I walked out on WOD 16.5 and did not submit a score, because it was abusing my torn meniscus; to be able to submit 5 Rx scores this year is a nice turn around.

Of course, now that the Open is concluded the question is, “What’s next?”

A bit of a change in course is in order for me for a while. I have developed a new nagging injury in my right knee that needs attention, TLC and rehab. It’s not serious, if I pay attention to it and rehab it correctly. But I need to make that my focus for a while.

Right now anything that’s high rep high bounce, is leaving me hobbling. Box jumps, double unders, burpee over anything leave me limping for days afterward. I have rehab exercises in place and am committing to those.

Beyond resting my knees, I’m in that “I’ve had enough of the barbell for a while” mental place which I hit from time to time. I feel like I want to get back to some more gymnastic (specifically rig/ring training) as well as some more ground movement (crawling, balancing, MovNat) type work. So I’m working now to map out my weekly schedule and WODs. I’ll still be around the gym. I know myself well enough that I have to maintain the routine of showing up at the box. Otherwise, laundry, dishes, yard work, work e-mails, etc will all keep me from working out. I’m just going to run my own programming for a bit. I’m thinking a 30 day reset is in order, then we’ll see where things are.

I said on FB yesterday that this has been one of the most personally and professionally gratifying Opens to date. I completely stand by that and I’ll explain why in more detail soon. All in all, a great year.