Hi gang. Sorry to have been absent so long. Didn’t really mean for that to happen. Please excuse me. My wife lost an aunt and a cousin (separate events and both natural causes) at the start of the month and made a 1300 round trip to attend services for them. Then came our son’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis. Followed by the passing of my aunt a week after Easter. I think it’s fair to say that April has been a challenge. Fitness blogging hasn’t been a big priority.

Honestly, the first part of the month there wasn’t much to write about. Once the Open was over, I intentionally stepped away from organized Crossfit to recharge. I was going to the gym, but working on the side doing my knee rehab and playing with some MovNat stuff. I was feeling nicked up and barbelled out. So I wanted to rebuild and reload and tinker with whatever amused me, not what was programmed on the white board. I get that way every now and then.

I thought I was going to go back to the gym after a two week hiatus, but it was Spring Break, Erin was in Michigan with our daughter. The boy and I were home alone. It wasn’t necessary to wake up at 6 to make a 7 am workout. Besides, for the first time in months I wasn’t limping. I thought, “you know what? This feels great. I think I’m just going to enjoy how this feels for a couple of days.” Then the diagnosis came down and we spent two days managing our house while the boy was hospitalized. So a two week break became three.

I’ve been back on CFD’s main room programming now for two weeks and feeling pretty good. I’m not going to post WOD by WOD. No one needs that.

I will say that the first day back we had a METCON of light power snatches and slam balls! It was just about the perfect METCON for me coming off of all of the stress April had handed us so far. I have always said that slam balls are my favorite exercise/movement and I have always joked that they are not exercise, but therapy. On that day, I relished every single rep. I came into the gym tired, worn and emotional and left with a grin on my face and laughing with my friends again. Partly it was the workout. Partly it was being back with the tribe among friends. The combination was absolutely rejuvinating!

Other workouts have not gone quite so well, but I’m not worried. I’m willing to cut myself some slack in the box while we still try to work out the new household normal.

I do however HAVE to get my diet and rest back on track. The rest is tricky. Partly it’s a matter of difficulty getting to sleep. Partly, it’s a matter of the required 2am blood sugar checks with my son. Even if I could fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, I’d still only be getting a four hour nap interrupted by a 30 minute break, then a 3 and a half hour nap. That’s not ideal, but it will level out soon.

The diet IS within my control and I have to fix that. Need to own up to the fact that I’m making poor choices there and stop it. It’s not easy, but I’ve done it before. Need to do it again.

Now that things are getting back in order around the house, perhaps the writing bug will bite again. We’ll see.