Today, for the first time in a long time, we got to test 1 rep max lifts for the deadlift and the overhead squat. I was VERY excited to be testing these. My all time PR’s for these lifts haven’t simply had birthdays…at this stage, they’re both old enough for preschool!

I was successful at 185# for the Overhead Squat with misses at 205# and 200# in that order. The 205# was never going to happen. It was a wreck from the moment I tried to press it out off my shoulders. On a PERFECT day, I might pull off that 200#….maybe. The most I have ever successfully pulled off is 195#.

Deadlift – I pulled 365# with good form and returned it to the floor gently. I got greedy and went after 390# in the hopes of setting a 5# PR and besting a record that’s stood since 2013. It BARELY left the floor.

I’ve been mulling those results over all day with mixed feelings.

Of course I’m disappointed that I didn’t achieve any new PR’s. We train to get better. That’s the goal.

When I take a step back and frame it up a bit, then perspective shifts.

-) I got within right around 5% of my all time best on BOTH lifts today. I only missed when I chose to challenge myself and go beyond my known boundaries.

-) While I’m 3 or more years older than when these PR’s were set, I’m clearly not any weaker. Does that mean all this exercise is holding Father Time at bay and I’m getting better/stronger because my strength is not deteriorating over time? Don’t know about that. It’s comforting to think so. Is it an appreciable amount of time? Crossfit age brackets are built in 5 year increments. While it hasn’t been more than 5 years between these PR’s I have ‘advanced’ an age bracket.

-) My training, as it always has been, remains very broad and diverse. I’m doing main room programming mostly, while still dabbling in MovNat and tinkering with a bit of Gymnastics. So dedicated ‘lifting’ hasn’t been part of my focus for any length of time.

Am I rationalizing, trying to justify a let down? Maybe. I don’t know. At the end of the day, I know this. I’m satisfied with the effort; pleased with (and grateful for) the time spent with friends even if I’m not thrilled with the results. So it was a good day. Now we’ll just have to see what tomorrow brings.