Last January I took part in a fitness event called War of the WODs. I’ve registered for the 2018 iteration and I’m mapping out my training for now until the day of the competition.

It’s going to be an interesting event. Last year, Masters (I believe) was simply defined as Over 40 with Rx and Scaled divisions. This year there’s a 35-45 Masters (Rx and Scaled) division and a 46 and up division (No Rx/Scale distinction). I will be 47 on the day of competition.

Last year I finished 7th of 23 in the Masters Scaled division (

My goal this year is to podium in my division.

That may be unrealistic. Still, it’s the target I’m aiming for.

I’ve mapped out my plan for now through Jan 14.

If we’re connected on Facebook, or you follow this blog regularly you’ll see a few new things crop up. #WHYDT – What Have You Done Today? This is my daily challenge to myself. What have I accomplished this day to prepare for the event? It could be any combination of training, rehab, mobility, skill work, nutrition. Nutrition is going to be a big factor as we enter the Season of Eating. But every day I need to keep the competition date in mind and I need to ask and answer the question.

I’m also going to count it down…#WOTW83Days. You may have already noticed this one in my FB posts. This will simply be my reminder to acknowledge how much time exists between where we are and game day.

Will this help? I guess we’re about to find out together. I just know that for this event this time around, I want to compete and have absolutely no excuses and no question in my own mind that within the confines of my life, I gave this competition all the attention that I could afford.