Life is all about trade offs, right? It was definitely one of those days in the gym.

“On the Minute x 9 (3 Rounds)
Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean + Split Jerk
Minute 1 – 75%
Minute 2 – 80%
Minute 3 – 85%”

Before the workout, I based my percentages on my 1RM clean and jerk of 190#. That meant prescribed weight should have been roughly: 145, 155 and 165.

I started warming up and it became apparent very quickly that those weights and consistent proper form were totally incompatible. I could have moved the bar at those weights, but things would have been VERY ugly.

I pulled back to 115, 125 and 135. Even at those weights I found myself gasping and or groaning my way through the cleans.

Still managed to grind it all out though.

“Front Squat
6 Sets of 2:
Sets 1 + 2 – 80%
Sets 3 + 4 – 85%
Sets 5 + 6 – 90%”

Based on assumed 1RM of 200# prescribed weights here were: 160, 170, 180. As awkward and clunky as the clean and jerks felt, the front squats felt pretty silky. Really felt like I was moving well here. All reps were controlled, to depth and smooth coming out of the hole. Very satisfied with this portion of the workout and kind of curious to test a 1RM.

5 Rounds:
21 Air Squats
15 Pushups
12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35)

12 Min Cap

Performed this METCON Rx and completed in 11:03. Pretty satisfied with that. Mostly, I’m glad I was able to pick and maintain a steady pace that allowed me to stay in near constant motion.

All air squats were done unbroken.

Doug offered great insight at the front of the METCON pointing out that the push ups would be where most athletes burned out. So slow down, split them up and don’t cook your arms in the first two rounds trying to go unbroken. This was very good advice. I did four rounds of 8 reps, sit back in saddle pose and shook the arms out exactly 8 times, then 7 reps. The final round was 8 reps, saddle, 4 shakes, 4 reps, saddle, 4 shakes, 3 reps. I can accept that.

Dumbbell snatches were very deliberate and unbroken. Dumbbell snatches tend to make me nervous. So often I see others rushing through them and as a result nursing sore backs later. When dealing with this movement, I subscribe to the Crossfit platitude of ‘slow is steady. Steady is smooth. Smooth is fast.’

I say deliberate because every time I set the dumbbell on the floor, I allowed myself to stand to near full height again, then squat down to grasp the dumbbell with the alternate hand. I concede that this 3/4 extension added a fair bit of extra motion to each rep. However, it ensured proper hip and back position when starting the next rep and afforded me just a quick window each rep to regulate my breathing. This allowed me to stay in constant motion and ensure proper position/form which ultimately is safer.

So I’m comfortable with it. Like I said at the outset. Some times you have to give a little to take. I’m good with the trade offs today.


Need to stay attentive to detail and adhere to the schedule. That’s been a bit tricky this week.

Wednesday, 11/1

This is my rehab, skill, mobility day.

I worked as prescribed on shoulder. That all went fine.

Worked a bit on pistols and that felt like a train wreck. Only did 2 sets of 3 reps each leg to a 17″ box. Legs just felt creaky. I think I short changed my warm up for my legs and paid for it here. Lesson learned.

I had been mulling over joining the main room METCON which consisted of partner 50-40-30-20-10 calorie row. So one person rows 50 cal, the other rows 50 cal, then 40 each and so on. There were an odd number of people in the 7:15 class and only one male signed up. So when Doug asked me if I was willing to join, I told him, ” I was just about to ask, if I may.” So it worked out great. I enjoyed this tremendously. Partnered with my buddy Shannon. That fella can row some calories. We worked well together and completed the row in 14:41.

Normal routine is to do ROMWOD on Wednesday night for mobility. Things were a bit hectic around the house (parenting, general adulting…and maybe a touch of laziness) this evening and when I finally had the time to do it, I bailed on it. I regret that choice. I intend to make it up tonight.

Thursday, 11/2

Strict Press – Establish 1RM
Worked up to a 1RM of 155 today. Missed presses at 165 and 160. I’m pretty good with this. Always a bit of a bummer to go back into old logs and find that I’ve actually maxed out higher in years past. But the past is behind me. Just need to try and press forward. (no pun intended).

Push Press – Establish 1RM

Hit 185 successfully today. That was a good clean lift. Successfully took 202# from my shoulders and locked it out overhead. Coach Tori says I rebent my knees though. So no rep. I joked with Tori that it was a ‘crossfit’ rep, since I got the lock out. But she’s absolutely correct. If I rebent my knees, then I need to not let standards slide and it’s a no rep. So 185# for today. That being said, it felt good to put 200 plus pounds overhead. Also stings a bit to see that in 2015 I have 225# recorded for this lift. I don’t know. It is what it is, I guess.

Trying to stay focused on the present, not dwell on the past. Also trying not to make any excuses or rationalize things.

I wasn’t upset or disappointed with either of those lifts at the time. Sure, I gave the bar a friendly mock-frustrated raspberry after missing the 165 strict press lift. And I ‘stomped around and shook my fists’ a bit after missing a second attempt at the 202, but anyone who saw me would see that I was smiling the whole time and my ‘frustration’ was an clearly an act. In the moment, I was really rather pleased with the day. My disappointment set in when I went back into old logs to write this post and saw those old PR’s from two years back. Meh. Let it go. #AlwaysForward.

I’ve got 73 days now until the War of the WODs. While I may not have set any new PR’s today. I’m pretty damn close to the top of my game as measured against old PR’s/1RM’s. My body feels good. It’s not beat up or punished or injured. Things are good. Stay focused. Do the work and remember each day: one pound, one step, one rep.

Segment 1:
Handstand Pushups
10 minutes of practice

Segment 2:
Handstand Pushup
1 attempt – Max Handstand Pushups
Then, 3 sets of 70% Max Total

I kind of blended segments one and two into “handstand practice.” Worked on long holds against the wall as well as finding the correct hollow body position to come off the wall and attempt a free standing hold. Had some success, but nothing really noteworthy. Still, I consider it time well invested.

I did notice that when I work on transfering weight from hand to hand doing lifts, I find it easier to get into the hollow position. Stationary holds feel more challenging. Not certain why.

Segment 3:
“Freddie Kreuger”
21-15-9 Reps:
KB Swings 70#

Ran this one Rx. Finished last in my group this morning at 4:41. Little disappointed in that. I was working with a great group of very good athletes and there were only 5 seconds between me and third place. Still….feel like perhaps I missed an opportunity here to take a real good comp style WOD and throw everything I had at it.

Segment 4:
For Time:
50 Toes to Bar

Didn’t aggressively pursue the ‘for time’ element here. Instead, I tried to work form. Did 25 Toes 2 Bar in 3 sets of 7 and one set of 4. Then finished with 25 Knees to 90 – sets of 7, 8 and 10? I think?

With Toes 2 Bar, I’m trying to work out a more efficient transfer between reps. I always end up flailing between reps and needing an extra half, and some times a full swing and a half to initiate the next rep. Need to make the descent more controlled AND more aggressive to set up the next rep. This also may have deviated from the main program’s intent, but I feel like it was time properly spent/invested for me. I didn’t need to focus on speed here today. I needed the reps.

War of The WODs Prep
As I mentioned at the intro, I have devised a training binder/calendar for WOTW. This sits on my work station right in my line of sight.

It has a daily calendar with space each day where I can pencil in the prep work completed and check them off as I go. I’ve added a countdown to the day of the comp. This binder will travel with me when we visit family at the holidays.

I can’t tell you if my plan is sound…but by God I HAVE a plan and I’m determined to give this one hell of a run.

I knew staying focused on weekends would be tricky, but I’m a bit disappointed in myself for this one. Need to stay on task better.

Segment 1:
Squat Snatch
On the Minute x 12 (3 Rounds):
Minute 1 – 3 Reps @ 75%
Minute 2 – 2 Reps @ 80%
Minute 3 – 1 Rep @ 85%
Minute 4 – Rest

I did these at 105, 115 and 125. That’s a bit shy of the prescribed percentages, but that’s all right.

Segment 2:
Back Squat
2 Rounds:
5 Reps @ 80%
3 Reps @ 85%
1 Rep @ 90%

Worked these at 185, 205, 225 today. I think I need to attempt a 1RM back squat this weekend so I have a real understanding of percentages. Reps today all felt stable, but in my mind, I should be lifting more. I simply have no realistic understanding of how much more.

Segment 3:
For Time:
Run 400/200/100m
Power Snatch (Rx: 95/65 S1: 65/45)

Directly into

Run 400/200/100m
Clean and Jerks (Rx: 95/65 S1: 65/45)

This METCON was SNEAKY! I saw the 6am class struggle through this. So I knew in advance, I was going to scale from 95# to 75#. I rowed rather than ran. I still expected to move through this WOD more efficiently. Perhaps I was arrogant, but I really expected to do all lift segments unbroken. In reality, I ended up breaking them into two sets each. That caught me by surprise.

Still, Doug set a 15 min cap and I finished in 14. I’ll take it.

Random Notes:
Ran the 400M warm up today to test out my knee. Still cranky. It just feels pinched inside the knee when I run. Annoying.

With respect to the weekend. I’m not upset that Saturday’s training got disrupted. I coached in the morning. Spent the afternoon volunteering at the box’s Olympic Weightlifting event. After that, it was on to daddy/family responsibilities. So I don’t mind that.

I wish I’d made different choices on Sunday. There really is no excuse for not having done some mobility and rehab. I have all the tools. Just didn’t use them.. I’m not beating myself up, but I want to be better. Need to overcome this, “if I don’t get to the box, it doesn’t happen” mentality.

Pretty good way to finish off the work out week. Feeling really positive about the first week on this training plan for War of the WODs. Body is taxed, but not punished.

Time dedicated to rehab, recovery and mobility seems to be paying dividends. Hopefully, this holds up over time. We’ll see.

Segment 1:
On the Minute x 7
3 Deadlifts
Build each set

As Coach Doug pointed out, once we finished these 21 deadlifts, we still had another 84 deadlifts in front of us today. Therefore, don’t get carried away with max loads here. I took that to heart.

I worked ten pound increments starting at 185# and ending at 245#. This was an appropriate challenge. I was sweaty and breathing heavy when the seven minute window closed. But I wasn’t wrecked. That was pretty much my goal.

Segment 2:
4 Rounds For Time:
21 Deadlifts (135/95)
15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
9 Push Press (135/95)

I was a little vexed with this work out in that I feel as if I should have been able to complete it Rx. And without a time cap, I probably could move the weight and complete all the required reps. However, in warming up some push press at 135 I realized very quickly I was not going to be able to meet Coach Doug’s guidance of ensuring we picked a weigth that we could go unbroken for at least the first two rounds, if not all the way through. At 135# I was going to spend a lot of time standing around thinking about push presses instead of doing them. So I pulled the weight to 115#.

This allowed me to move at a constant pace with minimal pause. I took time between stations some times to chalk up for the next set of lifts, but once I put hands on the bar, I never set it down. When I started box jump overs, I didn’t pause until all reps were complete.

Honestly, I think I’m most pleased with those box jump overs. I was able to move smoothly and stay in a low croch atop the box all the way through the WOD. I never had to move to step up/overs. My jump overs weren’t particularly fast, but they were steady and smooth. Most of the time I felt I was landing light not slamming my feet atop the box or floor. So a very satisfying set.

Final time to finish was 13:22 against a 15 min cap. I’ll take it. It felt like a very good competition-style WOD and I felt like I managed it respectably.



Today was a fun day. The entire 7:15 crew at CFD was in a playful mood. That’s always a good thing. There was lots of friendly banter and joking around as the morning went on. Lots of tinkering with new moves and drills too. The Disney Hits Playlist definitely contributed to the morning’s attitude.

Segment 1:
Partner Workout:
1 Partner Works at a time
Divide work as desired

For Time:
22 Minute Cap
50/35 Calorie Row
50 Wallballs
50 Sit Ups
50 Ring Pushups
50 Situps
50 Wallballs
50/35 Cal Row

Worked with my buddy Stefan today. I’ll be honest. We worked faster than I intended. That was good for me.

We split all work in half in unbroken sets of 25 for each of us at each station. The exception being the ring push ups. I knew I wasn’t going to get through those in a set of 25. So we split those 12 each and 13 each.

Finished in 13:42 Rx. It was a cool workout. I was sweaty when it was over. So it was effective.

Segment 2:
Mobility – Coach Tori always leads great mobility sessions. Today was no exception.

A Bit Of Play: There was time left over. So there was a chance for us to experiment a bit. Tori had us go through an exercise of lying face down on the floor with a PVC pipe under our arms behind our back. The objective being to get up off the floor without using your hands or allowing the pipe to touch the floor. I was unable to accomplish this. But I may tinker with it again soon.

Introduced Stefan and some other folks to the banded march described yesterday. I think we all agree that it’s a savagely simple and effective drill.

Definitely an easy going groove…but not a slack day in any way.

Random Thoughts: I mentioned the other day on FB that finding somewhere to actually put the bread away out of sight is turning out to be a game changer in my eating. When the bread and muffins lived out on the kitchen counter they were literally the first food I saw every time I entered the kitchen. Naturally, they became the food I consumed most. It just became automatic. It was only after some hard thought that I realized I was going through 6 pieces of basic white bread a day, and some times an English muffin. Since Erin reorganized the kitchen Sunday and found a home for the bread, I have had 3 muffins. I have gone entire days without consuming bread. That’s a game changer for me.

Now I’m not going to attempt to claim that I’ve replaced all those carbs with lean protein and green leafy vegetables; but it has definitely cut down on my carb intake; and I believe my overall food intake. So that has to be a positive gain.

I share this only to say, keep tinkering. You never know where little tweaks and shifts may result in big changes.

Today was a recovery day. No main room WOD for me. I used the opportunity to do some mobility, shoulder rehab, some skill work and then just tinker a bit.

The session looked like this:

4 min stationary bike – casual pace, unmonitored
10 min foam rolling – shoulders, back, lats

3×10 each arm banded pulls from midline out to side
3×10 each arm banded pulls from outide to midline
3×10 each arm banded reach out to 2 and 10 o’clock
3×10 ea i’s, y’s and t’s

I’m really enjoying taking the time to focus on a specific area of the body each day. Too soon to know if the work is paying off yet, but nothing aches disproportionately to the effort I’m giving in WODs lately. So I’ll take that as a positive indicator.

Skills: Pistols
5 sets, 3 reps each leg psitols to 16″ Box
3 sets, 3 reps each leg pistols to blue band 27″

Should have invested a bit more time warming up my legs before attempting this work. The work to the box actually felt better/easier even though it required a deeper squat to a lower target. I think it’s a case of familiarity. I know I’m not going to tumble backwards off the back of a jerk box. So I’m more confident during the entire drill. One leg squats to the band are a far less stable situation and one I have not drilled much. The insecurity made the entire process more challenging. That’s ok. Something to work toward.

In both drills I concentrated very hard on the position of the foot on which I was squatting, as well as focusing on really keeping the elevated leg pinned to the squatting leg. Felt pretty good overall.

Tinkering/Self-Torture/Character Builder
I honestly don’t know how to characterize this one. Months ago I saw a CF video on Youtube about a banded march. In that video, the ‘host/instructor’ Sam Dancer refers to it as Crossfit Hazing. That’s as acurate a description as any. Search ‘crossfit banded march’ if you want to see for yourself.

In the video, the athlete has a band stretched across a pull up rig (a wide Speal bar gap) as low to the ground as possible. The athlete then kneels or squats down straddling the band and straps themself into the band using a weight belt with chain which one would normally use for weighted pull ups, etc. When the athlete stands the band is now pulled taut between their legs, one foot on either side.

Then hug a medicine ball to your chest (I used a 12 ball) and march. That’s it. I went for 3 minutes.

It is a ridiculously simple and effective exercise. As soon as I began it was a physical punch to the top of each glute! As I said in my FB check in this morning. I’m really grateful that I live in a single story home. Stairs would probably break me today. I can definitely see it as a very effective drill for building glutes. Do I want to do it again? I’m not so certain. 😉

More accurately, I see the efficacy, but it’s not really an area of focus right now. So it may be something I tinker with later. Right now I don’t view it as an essential tool to my training. Perhaps I’m being short-sighted though? Maybe it would be an effective supplement to strengthen my foundation for pistols? I’m honestly unsure. I’m open to input here.