After a month of feeling blargh at best, it feels great to be feeling scrappy in the gym and really having some fun tinkering with things. Although, I suspect tomorrow I’m going to be questioning my decision-making skills again. But it was worth it. Here’s how it went down.

Deficit Deadlift
6-6-6 @ 75% 1RM

My 1RM deficit deadlift is 340. So 75% is 255. I worked up to that pretty quick and used 25# plates to create the required deficit. Reps felt pretty darn good and form seemed to hold together across all reps.

Having said that, I notice that for reasons I can’t pinpoint, my first rep is almost always the weakest (in terms of form). I do that first rep and I can feel something’s off so I adjust and then hold that form for the remaining reps. Not sure why I’m not getting set properly right from the get-go. Need to fix that because you don’t get two attempts at a 1RM.

5 Rounds
20 RKB (52/35)
Walking lunge length of rig
10 Hand release pushups
Walking lunge length of rig
Time cap of 15 minutes

So I looked at this WOD and thought, “Why not add some extra core work and make the walking lunges overhead walking lunges?!” So as we set up I grabbed a 15# plate and that’s what I did. I talked a buddy into trying it with me. He reverted to strict walking lunges after 2 rounds.

I did this WOD very nearly unbroken. Swings were unbroken. Walking lunges were all unbroken and the plate never came down from overhead. The push ups burned me. The last two rounds I broke those reps in 8 and 2. Ah well.

Finished the work in 11:32. I was very pleased with that.

It has been quite some time since I felt like I could do more than just prescribed. That’s a pretty empowering feeling.

Random Thoughts:

The kids are out of school, so my morning schedule is a lot more lax. This means a couple of things. 1) I’ll be tinkering with my schedule and not working out strictly at 6:15 from now until August 2) It’s time for Year 3 (I think) of the Funky Shorts Crossfit Roadshow. Time to work out which boxes to visit and when! Should be fun!


It was a pretty good morning in the gym today. But as the day progresses, I’m realizing that maybe I rushed back into things. A little more rest, or more discipline at the box would have served me well.
4 Rounds of Jerk Skill Transfer Exercises
2 reps from the back (Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk)
2 reps from the front (Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk)

I did 2 rounds with a PVC pipe, then 2 rounds with a bare 45# bar.

Not sure why. Maybe because the gym seemed very warm this morning, maybe because I was still tired from the Capital City Games on Saturday. Probably it was a combination of the two, but by the end of warm ups I was a soggy messed. Just drenched in sweat.

I thought, “Hoo boy. Maybe coming in today was a mistake.”


press 1RM

5 reps of shoulder press at 50 %
5 reps of shoulder press at 65 %
3 reps of shoulder press at 80 %
2 reps of shoulder press at 90 %
3 attempts at 1RM

I completed 3 WODs on Saturday while participating in the Capital City Games. If you’ve read this blog before, then you know, that’s nearly a WEEKS worth of exercise for me under normal conditions. So I had every intention of working light today.

I mean, when I got out of bed at 5:30 this morning and shut the alarm off on my phone, my intended next action was to log in and cancel my slot for this morning’s class.

Somehow though I decided, “Screw it. You’re up. You’re moving. Go to the gym. Work light. It’ll loosen you up. The activity will be the best thing for you. Just don’t push it.”

Yeah well, the tempation of testing for a new 1RM proved to be too much.

I worked through all the assigned work reps ending at 90% at 140.

My strict press PR is 155#. It’s another PR that’s had a birthday. I went from 140# to 150#. It was not nearly as difficult as I expected.

In fact, it was easy enough that I got cocky and loaded 165# onto the bar. I figured, “huh, now THAT would be a story to tell, if I hit it.”

Not so much. The bar cleared my eyes. I’m not sure it cleared my hairline.

Still, I’m completely satisfied with that effort and the results.
12 rounds of:
wall ball at 30/20 lb for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec
overhead walking lunge at 30/20 lb for 20 sec
rest for 10 sec

I’ve said it before. Using slam balls for wall balls is not my favorite thing. It’s more than just the added weight. Slam balls just don’t rebound and react like medicine balls. They’re unpredictable, which I’m sure is part of the point of the exercise. So I embrace that.

But because they’re denser, they also hurt like hell when they pass through your hands and hit you in the adam’s apple. Talk about a Judo chop! That’ll knock you off your rhythm quickety-split.

I counted my reps for each exercise each round, but didn’t pause to record them or keep a running count, so I have no idea of my final score. I do know I got only 3 or 4 wall balls each round and 9 or 10 steps each round of lunges.

There was lots of muttering, swearing, grunting throughout the box during this METCON. I infer from this that I wasn’t the only one struggling. There’s some solace to be had in that.

On a normal week, I would work out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. I think I’m granting myself an extra rest day this week and passing on the Tuesday grinder METCON. Those are typically the longest METCONs of the weekday WODs. I’m thinking some early morning yoga or mobility sounds just fine.

I’m also already looking for the next competition. I found information about another Raleigh event coming up in mid-September that looks very interesting. It very well may be going on the calendar. We’ll see.

Other random exercise thoughts….the kids finish school this week. We’re doing some traveling once they do. That will be the start of the Summer edition of the Funky Shorts Road Show. I think I’m going to extend it this year and take advantage of the fact I have more flexibility in the mornings, since the whole family doesn’t have to be out the door at 8:30. I might try some different WOD times at CFD. I’m thinking I’m also going to tour the local boxes again starting in July. Time to draw up an itinerary of “destinations” and dates.

Not sure why exactly, but today was a good day. May be it’s because there were ball slams. May be I was just in my happy place. Dunno. But today was a lot of fun.

4 Rounds: max reps (-3) pistols Right leg, then Left leg.
Leave 3 reps “in the tank” every round. Scale to a box to put these sets in the 5-10 rep range.

I did these to a 14″ platform unsupported. 4 rounds of 5 reps each.

Scaling pistols is becoming a bit confusing. There are so many options and my ability, such as it is, is in an odd place. So that it’s kind of difficult to decide the best way to scale.

On a day like today where it’s part of the skill portion, I prefer using the platform to take my time and concentrate on form. In METCONs I favor having a vertical support of some type. Not sure if I’m doing myself a disservice in developing that skill by doing that, but it feels right.

I also did these barefoot today and that felt much better. I could feel my feet on the floor better and keep them screwed in much easier. With my shoes on I kept rolling my left ankle outward.

WOD: Press

5 reps of shoulder press at 55 % – 95
3 reps of shoulder press at 65 % – 110
3 reps of shoulder press at 75 % – 120
3 sets of 2 reps of shoulder press at 85 % – 130

These all felt very good this morning. Didn’t record them, so no commentary there.

This is one of those lifts where I think I’d like to lift blind. I’d like someone else to set up a bar for me in the vicinity of my 1RM, not let me see what’s loaded and then go after it.

I believe I should be doing more than my current 155# 1RM, but once I get near that 150# mark doubt sets in. I think I’m physically stronger than 155#, but when it’s time to lift, my mind and body can’t seem to agree.

Need to shake that. I think there’s a big jump in there somewhere, if I could get my head into it.

6 rounds of:
8 reps of ball slams at 30/20 lb
8 reps of overhead walking lunge at 30/20 lb
8 reps of russian twist at 30/20 lb
time cap: 12 min

Done Rx – finished in 5:41

This was a very cool WOD. I enjoy Coach Erin’s METCONs a lot. She has a knack for including an uncommon or unorthodox movement in just about every WOD she programs. I really like that. It appeals to my sense of fun.

Today’s move that caught my attention was the Russian Twists. I haven’t seen those before. They were tougher than anticipated with a 30# slam ball. More than once I lost my balance and ended up flat on my back needing to sit up, reset and redo a rep. Still it was funny as well as challenging.

Ball slams all went unbroken both the reps and the smile on my face. Lunges, almost went unbroken, but I don’t smile during those. I failed to touch my knee one rep late in the game and ended up doing a 9th rep to finish the set.

Still finishing in 5:41 when there was a 12 minute cap felt pretty good! I never really considered the Level II option of using a 40# slam ball and doing 10 reps of each exercise. A small part of me wonders how that would have gone. Most of me knows it likely would have left me feeling punished, so I’m glad I stuck with Level 1.
Urban Scramble:
I should probably make this a separate post and a quick spoiler alert to my friends who read this and are doing the run Monday, but may not want to know what I have in store for us…STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK. Have they gone? Cool! Here’s the deal. A few of us are doing a Tough Mudder Obstacle Course in November. In preparation we’re going to do a 2-ish mile urban scramble on Monday. We’re going to run through downtown Durham, do some calisthenics, tackle some obstacles built into the environment. It’s like that “I’m a little bit country. I’m a little bit rock n’ roll.”

This is going to be a little bit Crossfit and a little bit parkour. Hope everyone enjoys it. Here’s the course.
Ground rules:

  • Do 5 air squats at every traffic light (regardless of color) that crosses your intersection. I think I said 10 inititally. Trust me. I’ve counted the lights. 5 is gonna be plenty. And YES. I’m counting the flashing light at the intersection of Rigsbee and Corporation. No skipping that one because it’s not a “real” traffic light.
  • Do 10 push ups at every stop sign that crosses your intersection.



  • Head South up Rigsbee towards Downtown
  • Stop at the Skate Park across the street from the Police Station
  • In the skate park, there is a “pool” and/or arced concrete walls.
  • Choose your obstacle and attempt to scale either one or both.
  • Note: if you choose the pool, it appears to be to be 8-10 feet deep. Make sure you have spotters ready to grab and give you hand up and out. I sincerely doubt it’s a one man exit.
  • After scaling the walls, low crawl (elbows/knees to turf) down from the skate park to the sidewalk headed toward Central Park.
  • Run the sidewalk, cross the bridge headed south toward downtown again.
  • Run South up Foster to CCB Plaza by the Marriott.
  • Sotp at the Plaza.
  • Find a spot on the wall that surrounds the plaza that you think you can box jump.
  • Do 10 over the wall box jumps. To be clear: ‘over the wall’ means jump up ONTO the wall from one side. Land on the wall and jump down to the other side. That’s one rep.
  • DO NOT try to clear the wall. (Scaling option is to do over the wall step ups, or box jumps or step ups on the Bull’s pedestal.)
  • Follow Foster St out towards DBAP across railroad tracks.
  • Remember- 5 air squats per traffic light! 20 if the crossguards are down and you have to wait for a train! 😉
  • Run down Blackwell St and turn into American Tobacco.
  • There’s a fenced in basketball court on the North end near the head of the water feature. One the west side, there’s a concrete lip around the court. Balance walk along that lip from the North end of the court until you reach the first gate and then hop down.
  • Scale up option: There’s a metal hand rail there that I’m guessing is about 36 or so inches high. I might try to walk that. However, don’t take it on alone. There’s nothing but concrete on either side. Don’t walk that rail without spotters!
  • From there head into the main grass lot at the base of the water tower.
  • Bear crawl across the lawn from the sidewalk to the water feature, then inchworm back to the sidewalk.
  • Head to the North Stairs of the S. parking deck.
  • Run the stairs to the top floor.
  • Do inclined shuttle runs on the center ramp of the top floor of the deck which will involve:
  • Run 2 parking spaces up and back
  • Run 4 spaces up and back
  • Run 6 spaces up and back.
  • Down stairs and out garage to Jackie Robinson Drive (by Mellow Mushroom)
  • Turn left heading north up Blackwell St. between ATC and DBAP.
  • Past the ball park there’s a grass lot with a side walk with 6 large boulders. Box jump or step up all 6. Then 20 sit ups.
  • Follow the winding sidewalk toward DPAC and Mangum St.
  • Follow Mangum North to Main St, then turn left on Main.
  • As you run Main St, there are a series of black posts. Slalom through those posts left to right until you arrive at Chapel Hill St.
  • Go right on Morris St headed North
  • Cut through the Durham Farmer’s Market/Measurement Inc lot, down the stairs to the Farmer’s Market pavillion.
  • 10 inchworms across the grass of the pavillion BEFORE crossing Foster St again.
  • Up Hill back to skate park.
  • Do another wall climb.
  • Back to CFD and out back to Old North Durham Park for a ‘rope bridge.’

What do you think? Does it sound like fun? Is it too much? I figure compared to a 10-12 mile Tough Mudder, it can’t be too much. I had a blast scouting out this route, envisioning the challenges and locating obstacles and working out how to incorporate them.  I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also really looking forward to taking part in the Xander WOD at Crossfit Durham on Sunday to raise money for the Durham Animal Protection Society. That’s a very different but rewarding challenge all its own.

Taking a week off from the gym while the family is on vacation. Trying to prove a couple of things to myself along the way. So far so good.

I have only a few specific goals this week. 1) Maintain the same schedule that I would if I were in town. 2) Attack the workouts on my own with the same intensity as I would, if I were at Crossfit Durham. 3) Eat clean!

Sundays Erin, the kids and I always do a “family WOD.” Even after 11 hours of travel the day before, I was determined to make that happen. I didn’t want to do anything too structured so we called this one Sunday Monkey Business. Whirlwind was the only one who wanted to crawl around in the grass with me, so this is what we did.

We did overhead walking lunges, Inchworm, bear crawl, crab walk & a capoeira squatting drill Erin taught us. Good fun. We did each exercise across a 50 ft span of yard, then did the same movement backwards across the same 50ft. I used a 15# piece of firewood for the overhead squats. I gave the boy a log about 6# or so. He was disappointed with me at first. He told me, Dad, I can hold more than this. But after the first 50 ft, he confessed that it was heavy enough. Don’t really know how long it took us, but we both had a good sweat going on when we were done and I was achy in places I don’t typically reach in the box. So it was all good.

I’d tell you more about the capoeira drill, but it’s really tough to explain. The closest Crossfit exercise/drill I can compare it to is the over the fence, under the fence drill we do from time to time. Stand with feet under hips. Step sideways lowering into a squatting position with feet wider than shoulder width. Then lower hands to the ground outside of the foot that you just stepped with. Raise the trailing foot up with a straight leg up and around. Simultaneously pivoting on your hands and one foot in a slow motion near cart-wheel. When done correctly, and I only did it correctly a few times, you should be turned 180 degrees and back in a squatting position. Make sense? I might not be able to describe the exercise clearly, but I can tell you that it tweaked and stretched out a whole bunch of hip muscles that I don’t normally exercise. Whew!

Today’s Backyard WOD was Erin’s fault too. I challenged her to pick a number between 1-75. The number she picked was the one I selected from CFD’s travel WODs. She selected 5 minutes accumulated time each handstand holds and bottom of squat hold.

We modified it slightly in that the WOD says ‘for time.’ In other words minimize rest between sets. We kind of set that aside as Erin, Whirlwind and I were all taking turns timing and spotting each other. Consequently though, I pushed myself harder to extend my exertion sets.

Handstand holds went: 1:09, 1:09, 1:00, 1:00 and :50. I was very pleased with these. It was great having Erin watching because she let me know between sets that I was canted to the right, leaning and depending more on my stronger right arm.

Squat holds went: 1:30, 1:30, 1:30, :30. I really wanted to go 2 minutes on the third round to finish the 5 minutes, but I bailed. Whirlwind did the 5 min of squats unbroken. I was very impressed. His young legs and knees are so limber he could literally squat so deeply that the backs of this thighs were resting firmly on his calves. He was the living embodiment of ‘ass to grass.’ I was very proud of him.

Beyond that, I’m very proud of Erin and Whirlwind for joining me in this WOD at all. It was raining here today and the only place we could do handstand holds was out in the yard leaning against the barn. So there we each were in turn, inverted in the rain with water dripping down off the barn overhang onto us. We had a blast! Their spirits and willingness to do it was fantastic.

Tuesday we’ll pull another WOD blindly from the CFD travel WODs. Wednesday will be a rest day. Thursday I have every intention of doing “Laredo” which is the Hero WOD CFD has posted as their 4th of July WOD. Going to be interesting to rumble through that alone.

I haven’t spent as much time focusing on pistols as I intended. I think that will be part of Tuesday’s work. Definitely got my fill of handstands today.

As much as I appreciate and generally enjoy the programming at the gym, I’m really enjoying exploring exercising on my own this week. I’m really liking going a week without an iron bar bouncing of my hips.  😉 More than that it’s been a lot of fun to look around at found items and try to work out, “how can I use that?” Figuring out, “ok, will that log work for overhead squats?” “Can we do handstands up against that pine tree?” My father-in-law has a 60# sandbag that I’m trying to figure out how to employ. I could always shoulder it and run, but that seems unimaginative. I want to try something a bit more creative, but haven’t come up with anything yet. I’m open to suggestions. I’m wondering if it can be used as a substitute for a kettle bell?

As for my 3rd goal of eating clean. I can say with all integrity that I’m really pleased so far. We’ve done really well sticking to fruit, vegetable, and protein. The biggest challenge for me is not indulging in the wide variety of chips that are always on hand here. But that’s on me. So far, so good. I will own up to the fact that I’m drinking more beer than I normally would at home. But afterall, I AM on vacation. 😉

Ball slams on a Friday. I really couldn’t ask for a better way to finish off a week of exercise.

WOD for Friday 021513
Push Press

Per Coach Bea all 5 of these sets were to be done at 85% of 1RM. Wasn’t the way I understood it based on what was posted on the website, but hey, I do what the coaches say, so ok.

Well, actually, I get as close as I can. 85% of my 1RM would have been 190#. I did not have that in me today. I settled on about 70% (170#) for the five sets. That proved to be tough to motor through too.

I need to work on my wrist and shoulder mobility more on my own time. In order to rest the bar on the shelf of my chest I had to roll the bar much further out onto the ends of my fingers than was comfortable.

It meant that when I pushed up on the bar it was rolling down my fingers towards my palms and it felt like I had to “catch” it, close my grip around the bar and roll the wrists, which had been stretched back, over into a straighter locked out position all while lifting it. At any weight under 100# that didn’t seem like a big deal. After 100# it started to get uncomfortable on my wrists. At 170#, if the motion wasn’t really fast, it was painful.

The only solution I can see is to improve that mobility so that when the bar is resting in the rack position I can maintain a more complete grip on the bar and minimize some of that transition.

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
30 Overhead Walking Lunge (45/35)
10 Ball Slams (30/20)

I really liked this METCON. There were ball slams, so it was bound to make me happy.

I elected to use a 35# plate for the overhead walking lunges. Coach Bea’s warm up and the push presses made me realize just how taxed my lats were from yesterday. I didn’t feel like pushing things too far today.

The goal for today was to complete 4 rounds. I really wasn’t clear, if that was reasonable or not. I’ve been missing big time lately trying to estimate goals, but what the hell?

Lunges were smoother today than the last time I can recall doing them. First two rounds I’m sure I went 15 paces before lowering the plate. Then went back 15 paces before dropping the plate.

Third round I believe was done in sets of 10 paces at a time. Final rounds went 10, 5,  10, 5…I think. I do know the plate never touched the ground during a round until I completed that round.

Ball slams all went unbroken with a 30# ball. I’m seriously entertaining using a 35# or 40# the next time they come around. This is probably the first time and certainly the only exercise that comes to mind where you’ll hear me say I wish there had been more reps assigned. I glanced at the white board more than once as I lunged to that end of the room. I wanted to ensure that 10 ball slams was the assigned number of reps. They went very quickly and I wanted to be sure I was doing the appropriate amount of work. I would have been totally cool with 15 or 20 reps per round.

In the end, 5 rounds + 11 additional lunges. I was satisfied with that.

CFD is hosting a goal setting seminar tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to taking part in that. I’ve got some ideas which I’ve explained here in past posts about specific lifts. I’m looking forward to discussing whether those are reasonable or not. I’m also really looking forward to developing a disciplined approach to tackling my goats.

Trying hard to stay focused on form first and worry about the weight later.

WOD for Thursday 011013
Hang Clean – 85%

I reviewed the WOD when it was posted Wednesday night, consulted my spreadsheets and concluded that I should be doing these sets at 160-165#. Give or take a couple percentage points, that would be in the neighborhood of 85% of 195#, which is the most I’ve ever cleaned.

I didn’t even get close. 135# was the highest weight I could manage correctly for hang cleans. Not certain why it was the case, but I discarded the idea of working to 165# pretty quickly. It was a case of making the choice to do the lifts correctly instead of heavy.

Clean & Jerk – 85%

I stayed with the 135# for this portion too. While I could have jerked more than the 135, there wasn’t much point in adding weight if I couldn’t clean it properly.

Coach Erin came by during one of my last lifts and noted that the jerk looked really easy. I told her, “the jerk was easy. The cleans are killing me today.” So be it.

AMRAP in 12 minutes:
30 Overhead Walking Lunges – 15/each leg (45/35)
10 Ring Pushups

I was wishing someone would drive me home when this one was over. My arms were SMOKED!

Before we got going, Erin asked everyone individually what their goal was for the METCON. I answered, “4 rounds seems realistic.”

Because I felt like I came up short on the strength work, I was determined to go RX on the METCON.I grabbed a 45# plate to start.

I was the only person using rings on the pull up rig, (the pair on the end closest to the windows and the weight rack) so I traveled down the inside of the pull up rig as my lane to traverse the floor of the box. Max dubbed it the “Tunnel of Suffering” before we got started. He was so very right.

Conveniently it was a perfect 15 strides from one weight rack to the other. By the tiime I went up and back across the gym I was ending the lunges a step away from my rings.

After the first round of lunges, I hated to admit it, but I knew the 45# plate was too much. After the push ups, I snatched a 35# plate off the rack and used that for all remaining rounds.

Wish I could at least say the entire WOD went unbroken, but no. I never set the plate on the floor during a round of lunges, but I did bring it down from overhead a few times, usually at the turn around point. Sometimes in the middle of a run in the later rounds.

Push ups had to be broken up as well. I don’t recall the break points specifically. I know the first round was 2 sets. The remaining rounds were done in 3 sets, but not necessarily in even distributions.

I completed exactly 4 rounds. I was climbing up out of the rings and headed back to my plate when time expired. At least I got that part right.

Now – here’s a question? How does one define a one round max (1RM)? From Day 1, I’ve always assumed/understood it to be that an athlete’s 1RM for any given lift is simply the heaviest weight that they’ve ever successfully completed for that lift. Am I right or wrong in that presumption?

The reason I ask is because yesterday an article that I can no longer locate, came across my FB Newsfeed on the topic and there was a very complicated formula. So today I did a bit of research and located this on Wikipedia (which I despise).

Then I found this article and while I’m not sure I would adhere to the protocol strictly, it’s more in line with how I understand it. You lift until you find a weight that you can no longer do a single rep. Their protocol of starting at a weight that can be done 15 times and working up incrementally from there sounds like a lot of wasted energy, in my novice opinion. But the procedure’s not terribly well written, so I guess there’s room for interpretation.

Don’t know that there’s much to be gained from having the knowledge. I guess I’m just wondering, still I’d be glad to hear folks’ thoughts.

That’s exactly what I said to Coach Ashley post-WOD as she was recording everyone’s scores. She said something to the effect of, “Great job, everyone. That one was…” When she paused, I filled in the blanks. I hollered out across the box, “it was mean, nasty and ugly!” Then I collapsed on my back on the floor gasping for air. At the time, I didn’t say, “it was awesome,” but it really kind of was.

WOD for Thursday 060712

Hang Snatch
12-15 reps working up to 80% 1RM

Snatches started off frustrating. My first few reps were very slow and the bar felt really heavy at 75#. It was setting up to be a very frustrating morning. Then I realized I was lifting 95#. My attitude shifted dramatically and things went much smoother after that.

I did the requisite 12 lifts. They were all done from the first postion. There were far more solid ones than ugly ones today. Hips, feet, lock out, starting position (shoulders and chest) were all better today. Definitely could have afforded to get deeper in the catch. There were very few that I caught in a good deep squat. I was pretty sure that would be a challenge going into the day as my legs were still very tired from Monday and Tuesday’s WODs. That’s all right for today though.

All in all, I was satisfied with the lifts.

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
20 Wall Ball (20/14)
20 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)
20 Burpees

Dave named this one the Terrible 20’s and it was! It was grueling. The first time I looked at this I thought, “huh, 5 rounds, maybe?” After the first round, I checked the clock and 3:30 or more had already gone by. I thought to myself, “Shit! I just hope I don’t pass out before completing 3!”  It was close.  I finished 3 rounds and 6 wall balls.

I used a 20# ball for the Wall Balls and a 35# plate for the walking lunges. Wall balls weren’t too bad. First two sets were unbroken. Third set went 10,5,5.

Walking lunges – first round unbroken meaning I never stopped walking and never lowered the plate from overhead. Second round 10 and 10. Third round 10 out, 5 back and then maybe 3 and 2. I’m really not sure. By the third round, I was so tired, my only goal had become, “just don’t put it (the plate) down!” I never did.

Burpees. Tore. Me. Up. Burpees are not a strong part of my repetoire but they hurt more than usual today. Not sure if it’s a cummulative effect of the rest of the week. No excuses. But the fact is I was just slogging through these. I need to learn to keep my body tighter all the way through them. I was floppy today.

Up until this WOD I had been thinking that if I could wrangle some extra time to get to an open gym session, I might take on the Open Qualifier WOD 12.1. I’m pretty sure that’s the correct identifier for the 7 minutes of burpees WOD. However, today’s WOD pounded that ambition clean out of my system. 😉

Music and WODs — I don’t usually get too worked up about the music in the moring. But it was tough to ignore today. Partly because Coach Ashley was so excited about her recent discovery of the 90’s Pop station on Pandora. We got to listen to that all morning long.

It was a bit weird listening to the Spice Girls while lifting. You can draw your own inappropriate conclusions. I’ll just say I found myself wondering what would constitute a “posh snatch.” What can I say? The mind wanders.

I’m also embarrassed to confess that I did find an extra bit of spring during the last set of burpees as Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby,” queued up and I found myself singing along.