I went to the 11am session alone on Sunday. Erin stayed home with the kids as Lil Bit had been sick the night before. We were both up repeatedly through the night tending her, so I was feeling very sluggish.

for the strength session I did 3 sets of 6 push press at 155# just at 70% of 1RM. The last set was VERY heavy.

Power Cleans (115)
Box Jump Overs 24″
Push Jerks (115)
Teams of 2 – 25 minute cap

So here’s how this one worked. You and your partner do 50 reps total of each of the listed exercises. Split them up anyway you like but you must complete all 50 reps of one exercise before moving on to the next.

I got to the box early and watched the preceding session. Not one team finished this METCON and there were some very strong teams in that group. Three things became apparent at that moment: 1) This was not going to be a WOD that I would finish. It was simply one that I was going to endure. 2) I was going to need to scale back the weights. I took them to 95#. 3) This was gonna hurt.

My partner and I did ok. We spent the entire 25 minutes in motion working in alternating sets of 10. I had completed 2 push presses in the round of 30 when Coach Laurie called time.

I felt that workout ALL DAY long.

While the main group worked on cleans today, I elected to work on the rings and practice handstand holds. Just sort of felt like being upside down today, I guess.

For the ring work, I did an 8 minute EMOM – Hold 1 inversion for a slow 5 count, then 3 skin the cats. This was a lot of fun. Useful for anything other than shoulder mobility and body control? I’m not sure, but I enjoyed it and there’s value in that.

Handstand holds went really well. I’m getting kind of excited about these. This is a skill that is just recently emerging and that’s always cool. I can’t kick into a freestanding handstand yet. However, I can kick up to the wall, nudge myself off and hold an unsupported handstand for 3-5 seconds. That’s progress!

I joined the group for the prescribed METCON

Power cleans 135
Push Ups
Do 40 double unders after each round
15 minute time cap

I scaled the weights to 115#. For the rounds of 21 and 15, I broke the exercises into 3 descending sets. So 8 reps, 7 reps, 6 reps for the round of 21 and 6,5,4 for the round of 15.

Double unders were sloppy. That was annoying because I ran off a really crisp set of 10 just before we got under way. I was feeling very encouraged about them. Then they evaporated. They were by far the most time consuming element of this METCON.

When Coach Lindsay called time after the assigned 15 minutes elapsed, I had gotten through the round of 9 and completed two additional power cleans.

Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.